Friday, February 26, 2016

As my time here comes to an end, I can say it was well worth the junk I went through to get here.
I must admit that I made a colossal error which cost me pretty good.  I don't know what happened when I ordered those tickets, but I thought I had ordered Southwest airlines.  So I drove to a hotel 2 miles from there, parked the car there for a cheap rate and took their shuttle to the airport.  Only then did I find out that I had not actually paid for flying with Southwest - which gives 2 checked bags for free - I had American Airlines.

I mean, the agent couldn't find my name in the system and asked to see the paperwork I had.  Umm, sir ... pointing at what the paper says. I felt like an utter fool.  I spent $50 on a taxi to get me from DAL to DFW.  I also had to pay a $25 fee for my luggage and will have to pay that on the way back.  I learn from my mistakes.  I have made several trips back and forth now since this all started, havne't made this kind of error at all.  The only consolation I have now is that I found a shuttle that will take me from DFW to the hotel for $10.  I can deal with that.

I really kind of screwed this trip up as far as travel goes.  Going to work, driving home, driving to Dallas, flying to Phoenix, shuttle to mom's, not going to bed until almost 2 am and feeling groggy all the first day I was here.  And going back.  I won't be back in Dallas until very late and considering it will be Sunday and I will have ot go to work the next day?  I don't want to drive 2-1/2 and get home at 3:30 or 4 am.  So now, I am faced with another expense on this trip for getting a hotel.

However.  I can't complain about my time here.  Mom has been  a splendid host.  My presence here has disrupted her daily lifestyle but she is happy that i came.  We spent Wednesday just hanging out and talking.  Thursday I went and got Caleb and brought him out here and he spent the night. Catching up on stuff and he has taken an interest in politics so we discussed that quite a bit while watching the news updates on all of the candidates.  Mom took us to a BBQ house called Famous Daves - it's a local delight, they have some of the best BBQ anywhere.

We all got up today and just hung out.  I took him home at noon - he is leaving on Tuesday and his friends are all asking him to visit - I was glad to have some time with him and so was mom.  She hadn't seen him in quite a while, either.  I then went back to my house and Mark was there. Oh, I went yesterday but he wasn't there, Sophie, my former dog. She stood there staring at me for a while and then apparently recognized who i am and came up to me and I petted her for a bit.  Today, though, I found Mark over there and I spent a couple of hours talking with him.  After that, off to an old friend's house, visited with him for a couple of hours and then back home.

My goals for this trip have been fulfilled, whatever happens tomorrow is fine and dandy, but I have made my visit and going home is in order.  I am not ashamed to say that I miss my doggy.  I don' think about him all day long or anything, but I know he's missing me and we have started to bond.  I will be more than a bit curious to see what his reaction will be when I finally get home on Sunday.

Anyway, tomorrow I will look on Priceline and others and find something in the lower price range for a hotel that is still decent enough to get a good night's sleep and book it online.

Well that's it.  It's Friday night and it's after 11:00 pm, late enough for  me.

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