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Well, this one is about to be a wrap.  A final day with mom - probably not doing much of anything which is fine by me and then off to the airport around 8:30 pm to take off at 10:45 and arrive in Dallas at 1:55 am.  Foregone conclusion I'm not going to want to drive home at 2:30 am by the time I get my luggage and take the shuttle back to my car at the hotel, so I am going to look for a reduced rate for a hotel on Priceline and Expedia online in a few.  Next trip will be done quite differently.  The hotel the car is at is a nice one, actually,but now that I have incurred unexpected expenses on this trip, I want to keep the price down.  A comfortable bed is all I need and the cheap chains are good enough.

So I figure 3 am before i even get to a hotel, gag.  Really have to slap myself for  the way I did this trip, but then again, there were very few cheap fares left by the time I got "around to it" and that is partly why I chose the late return.  The other returns earlier…