Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One thing is for sure: my company operating over here in Louisiana does not operate the same as my company in Phoenix.  My old general manager took great interest in his employees and made sure that if you were taking care of him, he would take care of you and in my case, he definitely did.

But here?  They don't even care.  You can work your ass off all day long and in the end, it makes no difference at all.  In fact, I was levelled with that information today.

I was informed at the end of the day that I was going to be reduced to 40 hour work weeks, per corporate. I would be required to take a 1 hour lunch break (I don't do lunch breaks, I usually eat while I am driving).  I would not be getting the pay raise - I had to ask again about that for the ... tenth? ... time.  I minced no words in return: I cannot afford a thousand dollar per month pay cut and I will have do what I need to do to take care of myself. That is the jist of the conversastion. They don't give a damn about hard work, they want to reduce me to the pay that a beginner truck driver recieves and that was the final straw.

I will lose the benefits I have spent 10 years in acquiring and now? That isn't going to matter.  My life is basically screwed up right now.  I am not a 20 something that can just switch jobs and think nothing of it.  I'm 52 years old, but being treated like this is total BS.  It's not just me.  But, it's the new manager.  He could care less and I could care less about him. The smirk on his face today caused carnal impulses to arise within me.  He demanded I give him 2 weeks notice if I find a new job.  Yup.  Yes, I'll give you notice, I replied.  Yup, he'll get a notice on the last day of my employment: BTW, here's my notice: goodbye.

I hate looking for jobs. I was doing it a while back but I quit. There were a couple of jobs available that I found, but it would mean sacrificing my ability to be home every night, though weekends were still free.  The pay was 20k more than I am making now without hour cuts.

I'm not going to get in a hurry to find the wrong job, but yes, I am going to spend ample amounts of time looking around and searching on the net until I find my new employer.  It sucks, it totally sucks, but I can't deal with this.  Pauper wages for experience.  The other driver already said he's quitting, already has a job lined up and is going to spite them.  Whether he actually does that or not remains to be seen.  I don't like burning bridges, but when the time comes?  I may just blow this bridge up.  This is simply no way to treat employees that have busted their asses.  We already talked - the other drive and I - about taking our sweeeeeeet old time about getting deliveries done. Just like the temporary driver who is in no hurry to get anything done.

It is now Tuesday evening, watching the primary coverage.  I was forced to take a one hour lunch break, so I went to Waffle House, ordered a burger and then sat there the entire house filling out applications.  I can't work for this new manager.  He has no concern for the people that work for him, he could literally care less.  A 20 year work was told today he was going to have to take a pay reduction of $1.50 per hour.  A 20 year worker.  How do you treat a person like that?  That has been loyal to the company that long?

I am highly motivated now to find a new job.  No, I don't want to lose my yearly vacation hours over the last 10 years that will go up even more in less than 2 years from now - but I cannot work for this man.  He is an AS*****, obnoxious, conceited, cares nothing about his workers - and I do mean cares NOTHING about his workers.  He has head knowledge of the business, he has no knowledge of how to treat the blue collar workers and life is far too short to work for a d***.  I applied today for 2 local jobs I  found after going through myriads of OTR jobs and I am continuing my search after finishing this entry.

If/when I get a job offer I like, I am going to go over his head and write the general manager a final plea.  I'll work for him for enough money, yes.  But if I leave and the other 2 guys leave, they are screwed and I mean literally screwed.  They will have a warehouse manager that has no extra spare time to pull orders and they will have a temporary driver that knows nothing about the product and doesn't want to learn about the product.  Which reminds me, he was fired from Halliburton and I want to apply there as well. He was fired for failing 2 drug screenings - that's on him.

I am just irritated with this new manager. I thought this going to turn into a bad deal from the first announcement of this situation - and now it has come to pass.  Not just for me, either.  But it's whatever now.  I am hot on the trails of jobs posted and I will relentlessly pump out applications until I land something worth my time and energy.  I will hold out hope for a local job until - that passes and nothing happens because of it and switch to regional searching.  Though, who knows, regional positions pop up regardless of what kind of search I am putting in there.

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