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One thing is for sure: my company operating over here in Louisiana does not operate the same as my company in Phoenix.  My old general manager took great interest in his employees and made sure that if you were taking care of him, he would take care of you and in my case, he definitely did.

But here?  They don't even care.  You can work your ass off all day long and in the end, it makes no difference at all.  In fact, I was levelled with that information today.

I was informed at the end of the day that I was going to be reduced to 40 hour work weeks, per corporate. I would be required to take a 1 hour lunch break (I don't do lunch breaks, I usually eat while I am driving).  I would not be getting the pay raise - I had to ask again about that for the ... tenth? ... time.  I minced no words in return: I cannot afford a thousand dollar per month pay cut and I will have do what I need to do to take care of myself. That is the jist of the conversastion. They don't give a damn a…