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As the abusrdity of this new schedule sinks in, it only motivates me more and more to send out numerous applications per day.
I found a large list of companies that allow dogs in the truck if it's going to be a regional thing - even regional has you out 2 weeks at a time and I won't do that to my doggy.  Or try not to, anyway.

They are apparently hiring back the driver that was fired for having THC (marijuana) in his system, which is not a good sign for me.  I could be reading it all wrong, who knows, but I don't have any reassurance from this company that my emlpoyment with them is going to go on for as long as I want it to.  The fact that I am facing losing around 13k per year, the new manager being a douche, a forced hour long lunch break - I don't want to take it but they want the convenience of having me around that extra hour per day in case something comes up, how nice for them - all instantly added up to filling out endless applications.

One place, Roehl, calle…