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Not much time to write an entry but figured to get this little gem in here.  Showed up for work yesterday at 7am, so did the other driver. The other driver was supposed to show up at 8, so I asked him why he was there.  Bewildered look on his face - but he's a good actor.  He knew he was supposed to show at 8, he's tryig to push the issue that he should be able to come in early and leave early.......okay, whatever.

Anyway, shortly after, the manager shows up, sees both of us there and flips out.  Literally loses it.  Why are you both here? The other driver  started trying to explain away ...... this isn't that hard. Even children could get this.  You are acting childess - addressing both of us - how difficult is this? This isn't that hard - he went on and on and on, angry, belittling us and speaking in harsh tones.

I forced myself to keep my mouth shut, for I wanted to tell him where to stick it and just quit, right there and go home.  If I make it til' next month …