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This new manager stated at the first meeting that he was likely going to be spending the rest of his career - another 6 or 7 years he declared - as manager of the branch.
There is one thing that I can testify as quite certain: at the money I am making, I will not be working for this individual for the rest of my career. The only thing that would make me want to stick around is decent money and without my newly eliminated OT hours?  It is a done deal. I am going to take whatever the best offer I can get that includes me taking my dog with me.  It is a sticking point for me but for me, it's worth it.  I will have a companion with me that has grown to be very much like a Great Dane: following me everywhere I go, wanting to be with me alllllll the time. Leaving him here - my landlords graciously offered to take care of him if it comes to that - would really be very disheartening for me and I just don't feel I could deal with it.  Money isn't everything.

I was at a jobsite tod…