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Saw my paycheck under the new "regime" and decide to fire off a final appeal to the general manaager.  You can't see him in person - unless you want to drive 4 plus hours to get there and it simply isn't worth that kind of a drive to get a no answer.  
But, I wasn't going to leave this company without caling out the new manager and his foul behavior, especially what happened Monday morning AND having a contractor who has nothing to do with the situation seeing it and making comments about the man's demeanor.  So, I wrote the GM a letter on the company mail system. First, my pay.  I could probably deal with this lame manager if my pay was good, but I certainly am not going to tolerate his garbage at substandard wages.  I brought up the fact that my pay is now the same as an entry level truck driver who has no experience and is fresh out of driving school.
That is no exaggeration, either, that is exactly what my pay has been scaled back to.  Somehow, overnight,…