Sunday, March 20, 2016

Apparently, Louisiana has specific anti-bullying laws and apparently, there is some grounds for filing a suit against the company for knowingly installing an "asshole" - the gm told me that yesterday - into a managerial position that has a known history of violence and putting him over employees he openly dislikes - though he has no real reason to since we don't even know the man.  If there is an validity to what I have found online, I have witnesses including one from outside the company.  It would be interesting to see something such as "intentional infliction of emotional distress" as it is called.  Certainly have been exposed to that from that dude from day one, but now as a manager?  Unbelievable that there are trolls walking around this planet that actually think talking to people like this, especially in a managerial position, is somehow okay.

I actually wasn't thinking anything about bullying and lawsuits.  I just know I don't want to work for an a-hole - even HIS manager calls him that behind his back. Oops!  But, my co-worker called me today and we talked for an hour or so. I - kinda - get him to thinking about things.  He's young. He's not stupid but he doesn't go to the places I go in the thinking department.  Not saying I'm Einstein, just I tend to spend a lot of time analyzing things that are affecting me and going down every potential trail of outcomes that may occur.  It's everything from the worst to the best outcomes.

Monday should be - interesting.  I'm transferring photos to my desktop computer so I can empty my phone of all the memory eating pics and videoes.  I intend on getting recordings of any interaction between him and I from this point forth if I can get the phone going nonchalantly.  I really do want to catch this stuff on a recording.  Yeah, I do. Because it's not going to stop.  It may slow down, he may hide it for awhile after the gm gets on his case, which by now he already has, but this dude really needs some counseling.  That's my best answer to people that cannot get a hold of their emotions.  It's not a jab, either, it does work if the person is open to the counselor's input.

I don't have much faith that the gm is actually going to do anything about my pay.  He has no choice but to deal with the new manager.

I have been searching intently for local jobs and it just isn't there. The laid off oil field drivers have flooded the local market and the only thing that will change that is if oil field driving jobs come back.  They apparently pay quite well but I bet none of them expected their jobs would ever be subject to the idea of a oil crash, if you will.  The prices will eventually go back up and perhaps those jobs will come back and perhaps they will take those jobs back, don't know.  The only local jobs I have found are very low paying crap that doesn't pay on the level of an experienced CDL driver.  I have also been looking for forklift jobs, but those don't pay enough money either.


Well here it is Sunday evening.  Tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.  I don't see the man as having the ability to fire me, not after the way the gm was talking, but who knows.  This conversation with him, if it takes place, will likely be edgy.  I do not fear the man and I refuse to fall into that trap - that is what is going on at that branch, he's got people in fear for their jobs.  I don't get it but whatever. I'll go in with an open mind just in case there is any hope but with two, separate and extreme issues - him and pay - it is unlikely that one or the other or both will be rectified.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...