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The other driver texted me to day and stated:"I don't think we are getting a raise so, I'm leaving! F*** LUSCO!  Now Eddie going to be getting all the deliveries."
Eddie is the driver that was fired a year ago or more for testing positive for THC.  The truck driver who was driving trucks - as high as a kite.  How do you like that idea?  Truck drivers operating 80,000 pounds worth of machinery that are totally impaired in their judgement and thinking.  Yup.  Talk about a company setting itself up for a fall.  He is also a true bulls****er and talks out of both sides of his mouth.  I am not exactly happy he is coming back and I question the judgement of a company as big as this one is in allowing this person back. 
For him to get that job back, he would have to be kissing the new manager's @$$.  The other driver's statement about Eddie getting all the deliveries is simply a statement about Eddie getting all the good runs - which is desirable over having to stay…