Saturday, March 26, 2016

The other driver texted me to day and stated:"I don't think we are getting a raise so, I'm leaving! F*** LUSCO!  Now Eddie going to be getting all the deliveries."

Eddie is the driver that was fired a year ago or more for testing positive for THC.  The truck driver who was driving trucks - as high as a kite.  How do you like that idea?  Truck drivers operating 80,000 pounds worth of machinery that are totally impaired in their judgement and thinking.  Yup.  Talk about a company setting itself up for a fall.  He is also a true bulls****er and talks out of both sides of his mouth.  I am not exactly happy he is coming back and I question the judgement of a company as big as this one is in allowing this person back. 

For him to get that job back, he would have to be kissing the new manager's @$$.  The other driver's statement about Eddie getting all the deliveries is simply a statement about Eddie getting all the good runs - which is desirable over having to stay at the yard.   In reality, I get a lot of the good deliveries as well.  But I get dumped into the other driver's truck and he ends up in either the PU or the 550.  Monday I am taking a trip to Mississippi and that is an all day event.  

The other driver is pisssed. I was upset at first but now I'm just biding my time.  Monday I will call the GM and ask if he can give me a raise or not.  I won't wait.  Well, I: can appear like I'm waiting, orientaation for the company I have chosen start date on the 11th.  I'm going to "try" to take all my floating holiday days off - 3 days worth.  If I quit, I get my earned vacation hours but all the rest of it just goes away.  

Another entry written in segments.  Got busy attempting to finish up the Polaris.  Seems to be working fine, I just have to put body parts back on it now.  I had new tires sitting out there for it - 2 of them anyway - was time to finish this up. Money already spent, ramps to get the thing up on a pickup truck.  I'm not really going to be spending money like that at this point on much of anything until I get my job situation worked out.  This area is dried up of local jobs that pay anything, I would have to move to Dallas to get something decent.  

No, I don't want to live in Dallas.  I do know several people there, though, but it's just another big city like Phoenix, the traffic is horrible among other things and it's nothing I want to get involved with.  I have been sending out a few more applications but it's become obvious there is nothing local.  I have tried and asked around.  A company that has LTL told me they have too many drivers and basically, that is the situation everywhere - at least out here  because of the oilfield dump.  I didn't sign up for this. I have been trying to get my mind to accept the idea of OTR and it's been difficult.  It is not the easiest life in the world, but most people don't understand that.  You don't go home every night, you have to spend 10 hours a day driving and then after that all the other stuff such as eating, refueling, laundry, finding a place to park for the night, etc etc etc. 

I can tell right now that 2 days home after being out for 14 is going to seem like nothing.  Maybe my world needs shaken up a bit, I don't know. There is another way to look at OTR - you get to see a lot of places that most people would never be able to visit in one lifetime.  Is the glass half empty or half full proposition.  One thing for certain, my dog is content to be with me - alllll day long.  At the same time, he has friends out back and they play a lot.  He would miss that, I'm sure.  I really don't know which he would "like" more - staying here without me or going with me and not having the freedom of a back yard to roam around.  

Meanwhile, my landlord's freinds that moved back here late last year - are broke.  Which isn't anything shocking in this world but, they inherited a 100k and blew it.  Literally blew it.  It sounds like a lot of money but if you're not working and you are paying all your expenses out of it, yeah.  They bough a pickup truck and the grand total after all the money they dumped into it is 20k.  That's a 1/5th of that money right there.  I'm not judging them, I actually feel sorry for them. They are young, he is out of the military and has severe PTSD.  They just didn't think into the future.  They also didn't try to find jobs.  

Me? That money gets invested or start my own business if I could find something I both enjoy and there is a market for.  To sit around blowing 100k is just unfathomable to me.  I figured this out quickly when they came over the other day and stated to not tell them where the truck is. I don't know where the truck is, but why?  They took out a title loan on it. Title and payday loans are the worst loans on earth, period.  But it was almost shocking.  I didn't say anything about the inheritance, but my landlady did after I engaged that conversation.  What happened to you all of your money?  "It's tied up". 

But I watched them.  Buying extremely expensive liquor - like one bottle at $100 type.  Expensive cigars.  The truck.  A - temporary - lavish lifestyle.  I've seen  this too many times.  I eventually have an inheritance coming - hopefully not anytime soon - and I can tell you that my portion of it will be well more than that.  I have no intentions of just blowing it if it ever comes.  Perhaps I'll die first - though I wouldn't wish that on my mother, being a parent I understand you would much rather die off before die off first before your children.  

Anyway, just watching people going through such things.  Yes the brought it on themselves, yes, they should have had some foresight.  But still.  I mean, at least buy a house/property with it? Out here you can buy a house for less than 100k.  I'm not saying anything fancy, but you would own the property and only be left paying property taxes and insurance.  In fact, there is quite the lack of rentals out here and people needing such. There is a college a mile away and another college 2 miles away and yet another college about 4 miles away. There is a market here for room rentals.  

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