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Well, as the days pass, so the information also comes rolling in.
They relieved that temp driver of his duties today.  However, they told him I am probably going to quit so they may be calling him back.  Now, it's not surprising that they know I have been applying elsewhere for jobs - they have been calling and calling for verification of employment.  However, those calls are going to corporate, not the local management.  Not that I didn't believe that corporate wouldn't come along and tell them what I am doing.  I knew this before I started this process.

However.  I didn't expect management to tell a non-management person that information.  I think that's unprofessional if nothing else.  I have been intentionally keeping a very good attitude and keeping my work ethic up, doing what I have been doing all along.  At least I'm not giving them any "good" reason to get rid of me.  They could release me at any time which is fine, I can be in an orientation…
As I posted the other day, I wasn't going to wait around to hear back from the general manager. I went ahead and emailed him from my company email account today to ask him about the pay raise. It was worded with respect and professionalism, I have not yet determined to burn my bridges with this company.
I got a reply email from him within a few minutes actually. He stated that he had just gotten back from Dallas and needed to make a phone call to my new manager and that he would try to make a decision by mid week.i'm not holding my breath but you know it was worth a try anyway.
Eddie, the Driver that was fired for failing a drug test, started today. From the perspective of trying to get a pay raise that is really good news at all.if I were to quit today they would just pick up with them where I left off. Of course he is a pothead and who knows whether he has been able to give that up or not. He was using a coworker's urine drug test in the past. One would presume that the co…