Thursday, March 31, 2016

No answer on pay yet.  I was going to give him until today and if I don't get an answer, call him and ask for  it.  But, prudence says to wait until the end of the week and let him decide without me pressuring him to make a decision and then possibly ruin any hope that there may have been for salvaging this job.

Meanwhile, the fired/rehired driver is getting preferential treatment and neither of us 2 other drivers are happy with it.  He is coming in at 7 and leaving at 5. Yup, what happened to the no-10-hour-per-day deal.  He should have had to take the same schedule that they had given to the temp driver - 9 to 5.  Yes, we are going to press the issue -this morning actually.  Starting with the warehouse manager and ask him why this is happening.  It will be a piece of bs, there is no good reason for it and then we'll move to the new manager.  I have no idea what his answer will be.

I did get 2 days off next week. I wanted to use my floating holidays - two of them anyway - in case this deal goes south and I won't be  able to use them and if I quit, i won't get compensated for them.
Besdies the fact that between New Year's and Memorial Day - which is 5 months - there are no paid holidays given by my company.

That's all I have.  I have been checking all kinds of stuff for OTR driving both the driving aspect and the "comfort" aspect.  My 3rd paycheck under the "new" rules arrives tonight via electronic transfer. It  has 87 hours on it - which is better than 40 per week I guess but still at least 13 hours short of all OT pay - so it will be a little better than last paycheck but certainly not enough to cover the loss.  I've simply resolved myself that that  ist he way it's going to be and I have to do what I hve to do.  Every daycab truck I see - which is a semi tractor that doesn't have a sleeper on it - I look at the name and I look up the company and see if they are hiring.

If it doesn't have a sleeper then it is local work, you are home every night.  So far, zilch.  Every company I've checked isn't hiring.  Good local jobs don't last long and that's the end of that story.  And at least around here? There aren't that many day cabs running up and down the roads.  A couple of them I saw yesterday - which aren't hiring right now - were well away from their terminal.  Hundreds of  miles worth.  Meaning they get good amount of work. I drove 400 miles yesterday and almost 500 the day before though.

Anyway, time to be off to the wonder--land I know as a place called  work.

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