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No answer on pay yet.  I was going to give him until today and if I don't get an answer, call him and ask for  it.  But, prudence says to wait until the end of the week and let him decide without me pressuring him to make a decision and then possibly ruin any hope that there may have been for salvaging this job.

Meanwhile, the fired/rehired driver is getting preferential treatment and neither of us 2 other drivers are happy with it.  He is coming in at 7 and leaving at 5. Yup, what happened to the no-10-hour-per-day deal.  He should have had to take the same schedule that they had given to the temp driver - 9 to 5.  Yes, we are going to press the issue -this morning actually.  Starting with the warehouse manager and ask him why this is happening.  It will be a piece of bs, there is no good reason for it and then we'll move to the new manager.  I have no idea what his answer will be.

I did get 2 days off next week. I wanted to use my floating holidays - two of them anyway - in…