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Today the gm finally got back to me.  He was supposed to do this middle of next week. I received his call over in Tyler, TX at another of our company's locations where I was picking up pipe - had to leave the yard at 6 am.  Anyway, he gave me the same jibberish he did before, so I got a bit more - in your face - with him after it became glaringly obvious that he was excusing his way out of giving a raise by saying that it appears that we may be coming back into good times in a month or two and that our hours would likely go back, and then, he tried to explain, how would I explain that to the company?  Ummm, the same way my gm in Phoenix did when we had a huge project start up and we were working 12 hours a day?  The base pay shouldn't be based on whether you "might" end up with 50 hours per week somewhere down the line.  
I made my points but it became apparent that it was a futile effort.  I simply told him I know what I'm worth and it's a lot more than what…
I have been checking my company email for any kind of reply from the gm since he hasn't called me, though he texted the other driver asking him to call him.  Finally saw it in there - after work.  So no, the conversation hasn't been had yet but I fully expect to go there today and get this over with one way or the other.

No idea where that is going to go, but I'm going to be pretty open about my feelings about the pay this is a dealbreaker for me.  At the same time, I worked 87 hours last pay period and my net pay was down about $200 instead of the projected $500.  The reason is I got the 7 extra hours of OT and the taxation is probably the biggest difference.

As suspected, the fired/rehired driver has no plans of staying there long.  He was lamenting yestesrday about the fact that he's broke, is 56 years old and wants to go back overseas and engage in  the high paying truck driving jobs that earn over 100k per year. Of course, there is a potential price to pay for th…