Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Got into a bit of a tiff with the gm last night.  He had stated that he would call the new branch manager and tell him to try and keep the hours the same.  He literally said that, I'm making it up, my memory isn't that bad, I know what he said.  He said the same thing to the other driver on another call.  So, I emailed him, FYI, eddie is coming early and staying late and as you agreed, we should all have about the same hours.

He wrote back and said he never said such a thing.
I'm glad it wasn't a phone conversation because I got - angry- pretty quick.  Like what?  I'm sorry, I replied back, but those were your words and you told the other driver the same thing.  He wrote  back that he isn't doing this off hours on email we can talk during business hours.  I said no need, I will be calling Ferguson and exposing all this garbage going on in this acquired company.  All of this stuff violates Ferguson policy.

Now, will I have a job when I get to work today? I don't know but I'm talking all my work issued clothes with me and dumping them in the bin.  I don't want to have to make a trip back there with the stuff.  But, this guy is either lying or has a very bad memory.  Either way, there is another driver that he said the same thing to to verify that yes, he did actually say that.

But, obviously and for whatever reason, they are showing favoritism to the rehired driver.  I am at least as good as he is in terms of getting work done, driving, etc etc etc.  In fact, I have much more knowledge about the business than he does but in my current position there that doesn't really mean much.  That knowledge hasn't been useful since I left Phoenix.

I've got one more  job offer, local to consider, otherwise I'm going over the road.  The problem with this offer is two fold. First, it's 60 miles away, second it's all night driving.  Now, I was driving 60 miles to my current company every day, one way when I was living at Val's house.  Long drive but I considered the alternatives and that was OTR or Regional.  So I could deal with that already having had done that. The all night stuff is what I am not sure I could deal with.  Start at 4, 5 or 6 - they said they don't know until you go through oritentation and whatever's available.  It's drive south with a trailer, drop it off and bring it back.  That's it.  but, it's a long ways off to wherever they are taking it.

The up side is that at least every other week it's a 3 day weekend.  Now that would be nice. Another flip to this, though is that it's fracking sand and who knows how reliable this account they have is? I forgot to ask that question. Well, off to work.  Find out in an hour if they are going to tell me to take a hike.  I am mentally prepared for  it, I really don't care that much at this point, especially with solid job offers lined up.

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