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Got into a bit of a tiff with the gm last night.  He had stated that he would call the new branch manager and tell him to try and keep the hours the same.  He literally said that, I'm making it up, my memory isn't that bad, I know what he said.  He said the same thing to the other driver on another call.  So, I emailed him, FYI, eddie is coming early and staying late and as you agreed, we should all have about the same hours.

He wrote back and said he never said such a thing.
I'm glad it wasn't a phone conversation because I got - angry- pretty quick.  Like what?  I'm sorry, I replied back, but those were your words and you told the other driver the same thing.  He wrote  back that he isn't doing this off hours on email we can talk during business hours.  I said no need, I will be calling Ferguson and exposing all this garbage going on in this acquired company.  All of this stuff violates Ferguson policy.

Now, will I have a job when I get to work today? I don&#…