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Welll here it is Thursday morning.  I'm home - off for two days.  Probably off forever.  The gm simply isn't going to budge in pay and trust me, it is substandard pay.  The only thing that equalized it was the large amount of OT that all the drivers were getting. I guess they believe they can just arbitrarily remove a large portion of a person's pay and that person is just to sit around and eat it.

I talked with two drivers from the main branch down south about this as well.  They were lamenting the pay but they were unwilling to do anything about their situation. That's really where you could force a decision in our favor: come together, say we want more money or we are leaving.  The company would be screwed.  This isn't a get in the truck and drive operation.  There is no way, at all, that anyone else working there that isn't a driver could cover all of that, just impossible. We pull orders, check them, palletize them, shrink wrap them and load the trucks.  T…