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Going to work this morning - a little strange. Simply because they told the temp driver last week that I was quitting and wouldn't be back.  Lol, I didn't give out that kind of information.  The last conversation I had with the GM was that he would appreciate me letting him know when I make a decision about staying or going.  Okay.  However, they did not have the temp driver come into for my co worker told them I was coming in.  They don't ask me, they ask him for the new manager doesn't want to talk to me.

It was even stranger getting to work and opening up the gate, I was the first one there, and having the warehouse manager come flying in, park his truck at an angle taking up 2 spaces, rush out of the truck and into the will call.  WHAT, was .... THAT .... all about?  I just walked in, clocked in, got on my work clothes, what's up?

Now, I was sent clear to Pineville, which took 5 hours round trip.  No problem with me, I didn't want to be in that yard. Espe…