Monday, April 11, 2016

Going to work this morning - a little strange. Simply because they told the temp driver last week that I was quitting and wouldn't be back.  Lol, I didn't give out that kind of information.  The last conversation I had with the GM was that he would appreciate me letting him know when I make a decision about staying or going.  Okay.  However, they did not have the temp driver come into for my co worker told them I was coming in.  They don't ask me, they ask him for the new manager doesn't want to talk to me.

It was even stranger getting to work and opening up the gate, I was the first one there, and having the warehouse manager come flying in, park his truck at an angle taking up 2 spaces, rush out of the truck and into the will call.  WHAT, was .... THAT .... all about?  I just walked in, clocked in, got on my work clothes, what's up?

Now, I was sent clear to Pineville, which took 5 hours round trip.  No problem with me, I didn't want to be in that yard. Especially with a manager that gives me looks but won't say a word to me.  Well, that changed today.  After I got back and was given an order to pull for tomorrow, he came up to me in the warehouse and demanded I stop what I am doing and " you are going to have to put that pallet down right now and go get pipe for those people", pointing to a truck with a gooseneck trailer that had pulled into the yard.  This wasn't, would you please go do that and thank you,  it was in anger.  I just smiled at him back.  Kill him with kindness, my motto.  In fact, after he was out of hearing range, i started laughing at the utter pettiness and stupidity of this man.  What a miserable, wretched person.
It's not like I would have tried to resist him if he had taken nicer tones.  I don't really care what they want me to do at any given time.

I left early today, well I got my 8 in.  Headed to Carthage - Texas - to get fingerprinting done for hazmat.  The address they gave me took me to a gas station.  I tried Google maps, which took me 10 miles the other side of town - a ranch with an inn, back to the gas station.  Duhhhh, geeze Ben, you only spent 11 years finding addresses for that other company.  I had the right address in the maps, but looking at the number on the gas station, it was in the 2300 block and the address I needed was in the 2600 block.  Welll whatever, I found the place, gave prints of every finger and that was that.  TBH, I don't even know if it will end up resulting in any kind of hazmat job, but, I am now deliving into things I had only thought of doing before.  I am sooo tired today, though.  I was going to start looking on line for jobs with hazmat or tanker or both but - I ain't. Number one, hazmat background check takes 2 to 4 weeks and number 2, knowing the stories about the DHS, who knows if I will even be approved.

It's only 5:30, maybe I'll wake up a bit and do some searching a little later on. I am so sick of that job I am working now.  The manager just kills the atmosphere and, I am defintely not the only one that hates it, I'm just one of 2 that has actually said anything.  I am not saying anything further.  I made my case, they denied it, it is obviously a losing proposition when you consider people working there for 25 years that are making less than a dollar more per hour than I am.

But, I'm gonna have to get moving on applications.  Think I'll take a short nap and hope to feel a bit better and then start some searching.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...