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As time passes and the s*** gets floated around at work - the gm repeated the contents of my email to the new manager, who went and blabbed it to numerous people - even after the gm specifically stated that the hadn't discussed or even told the new manager about the email - it gets more and more of a volatile work place.  The good ole' boys - people working there for 20 plus years - were sitting around discussing my email to the gm this morning.  They didn't realize a set of ears was standing around the corner, hearing everything they were saying.

No, not me.  Warehouse manager sent me out on an all day run today.  
And no, I'm not procrastinating.  I am supposed to go for a road test tomorrow, but the man that I have been speaking to disappeared on me today and after several phone calls and text messages, I gave up. It was the local job - though 60 miles away - that runs 12 hours a day at least but has me off 3 days per week.  I may just take one of the postions offer…