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I'll tell you what, if you could capture the images that your dreams give you onto disc - far more vivid than anything Hollywood could ever pull off.

Anyway, serious thought about the all night driving job and I nixed that.  I just can't readjust my entire lifestyle to being awake all night long and trying to sleep during the day. Not to mention 60 miles either way to work, plus 12 hours at work, meaning 14 hour days, leaving only 2 hours  per day to do anything at all besides working and sleeping.  Sure, you get 3 days off but that kind radical change to sleeping and awake hours is  too much for me.

But, I did apply at KAG - Keenan Advantage Group - yesterday.  They apparently do some kind of tanker training because they don't have a clause stating you must have x amount of experience pulling a tanker.  I was back at the refinery yesterday watching them, it's just nothing that is that complicated.

Warehouse "manager" has som…