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I completely spaced out calling the Texas DPS to verify if my fingerprints had come through sufficiently for the TSA to do their background check.  The paper they had given me said call 4 days after you go for fingerprinting.  So I called today. The automated system was nauseating.  On each menu selection, you had to listen to this monotone person go on and on and on about qualifications for this, paperwork for that.  7 plus minutes just to get to the menu that allows you to push 0 for a real, live person.  15 more minutes on hold before a very nice sounding lady got on the phone, said who she was and asked how she could help me.

Well that took me off guard, so I didn't say anything about the wait.  Asked her about the fingerprints. She got my information and said, well you don't need to worry about that now.  Why?  Because they have already approved you and the new license with the hazmat endorsement will be sent out shortly.  But didn't they have to check my fingerprint…