Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sitting here watching the news stations carrying the election coverage and as the polls had predicted, Trump wins a 5 state sweep.  My scrutiny these days are the polls themselves.  How accurate are they?  Well they pretty much nailed this one.  It's just that everyone hinges on the next poll that comes out.  What did we do before polls? I think these polls actually sway elections to some degree.  Clinton is giving her victory speech - full of lies, exaggerations and partial picture of whatever she is talking about.  Which is expected, but I cannot fathom 4 or 8 years under her "leadership".  Actually, I just turned it off.  I can't stand to listen to her - much like Obama - for more than a few minutes.  The rhetoric and innuendo is just more than I can handle.

And then....I have Christian friends that call Trump evil and say that no Christian could vote for him with a clear conscience.  Oh really?  Well, honey, I will vote for whichever GOP candidate wins, because the worst of them is far better, IMO, than either of the democratic candidates.  Not really a fan of either party now, I used to be Republican all the way but conservative politicians have betrayed their constituents far too many times now.  

Enough of politics - though I am finding this entire election cycle to be highly fascinating.  Mostly because you have 2 rather bizarre candidates in Trump and Sanders that have captured the imagination of people that are dismayed at the direction the nation is heading - though I am definitely never going to agree  with any form of Socialism, especially when a candidate just comes out and says he is.  Then you get his followers trying to define what democratic socialism is and telling you that you are an idiot, stupid, a-hole, jack@$$ and more because you don't automatically believe or accept everything that they are saying.  They can define socialism any way they want, Socialism doesn't work for very long, for one thing and I don't want more government control, dictation, higher taxes, more intrusion into my personal life, etc etc etc.  

The current job situation.  The new manager and I basically don't talk.  I am doing that on purpose now because he is such a totally unsociable person excepting with the people that have been around 20 plus years and even then, he is still just not a conversationalist by any stretch of the imagination.  He got mad at several people today, I just watched.  There is one situation where a fusion machine - a very expensive piece of equipment that is made to heat-weld high density polyethele pipe together - was rented to a customer they didn't know. The caveat is that the machine was delivered by the vendor we use to get those machines from, we didn't deliver it ourselves.  But, it is our customer and delivered for us.  My coworker knows this guy and flat out stated he would have told them not to rent it to him. Well, the machine was supposed to be gone for a day, it's been since January.  It's an almost 100k machine.  So, I can see getting a little upset about it, but the other stuff was stupid, petty and inexcusable.  At this point, keep your anger away from me and I'll leave you alone as well. 

If he does start in on me again, I'm pulling my phone right in front of him and press the record button.  I got 11 hours in yesterday.  I loaded the truck from front to back and took it to a jobsite 100 miles away. It took them hours to unload because they didn't have the proper equipment to do the job.  Next I want to another site to do a return.  Well, 100's - literally - of heavy fittings laying in the dirt in a 100 square foot circumference.  Took 4 hours.  I didn't get back until long after everyone had gone home.  Which was the only thing the new manager was about to start in on me about today - the only "conversation" we had all day as well.  He came up to me this morning with an inside salesman in tow and started trying to grill me on where was the paperwork for the delivery I made yesterday?  I gave him a blank look. I was thinking, did he even botherr to check the basket where we put completed delivery tickets into? He reworded it.  I looked him square in the eye and said yes, I put it in the basket after I got here today.  He got a look on his face.  The guy just looks for trouble.  Dude, the building was LOCKED when I got here last night, I couldn't put it in there last night.  

Ohhhh, that's right.  I keep my verbiage with him extremely limited.  Answer the question, that's it.  

So, I loaded the truck up again this morning for the same jobsite 100 miles away.  Technical load - just a lot of tangents you have to think through before you even put a single pallet on the bed of the truck, because if you don't think it through, you are going to end up pulling everything back off after realizing it isn't going to work and reload the entire thing to be able to get it all on there.  I'm in the will call and an inside salesman says, well that load is illegal.  I am 100% positive there is nothing illegal about the load, but I bit.  What is illegal about it?  It's over loaded, there is too much weight on it.  Nahh, it's not even close.  Well look at all of that stuff on there.  Yeah, it's loaded, but not overweight.  Well how do you know it's not overweight.  Look at it.  Yeah, I'm looking at it, it looks too heavy.  Okay, well the main way I know if I have a heavy load is when I put it in gear and start driving.  

How can you tell if it's too heavy by driving it? The warehouse "manager" finally interjects himself. I didn't need - or want - his help but I just let it ride.  Are you some kind of turck driver dude? You don't even know what you are talking about. Have you ever even driven a truck?  Well I moved one around the lot once.  Lol, the place erupted into laughter. 

Whatever.  I'm a bit more resolved to find a job that fits me rather than just finding whatever I can to get out of there now that I have ascertained that I can at least float by with what I am making. I'm a bit concerned that trying to take Addler OTR might not work out so well. He's a very active dog, much more so than any Dane I have ever seen and he likes to run and frolick and tromp around all over the place.  I mean, I would definitely give him long walks and figure out how to make sure I could let him off a leash - in places away from people anyway - and let him run and get the energy out.  I dunno.  A lot of thoughts I've been trying to process.  

Well, enough for this one.  

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...