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Sitting here watching the news stations carrying the election coverage and as the polls had predicted, Trump wins a 5 state sweep.  My scrutiny these days are the polls themselves.  How accurate are they?  Well they pretty much nailed this one.  It's just that everyone hinges on the next poll that comes out.  What did we do before polls? I think these polls actually sway elections to some degree.  Clinton is giving her victory speech - full of lies, exaggerations and partial picture of whatever she is talking about.  Which is expected, but I cannot fathom 4 or 8 years under her "leadership".  Actually, I just turned it off.  I can't stand to listen to her - much like Obama - for more than a few minutes.  The rhetoric and innuendo is just more than I can handle.
And then....I have Christian friends that call Trump evil and say that no Christian could vote for him with a clear conscience.  Oh really?  Well, honey, I will vote for whichever GOP candidate wins, because t…