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Long day at work. Seriously.  I am not afraid - at all - of driving in heavy rain. In fact, I'll brave pretty much any weather conditions.  But when it's pouring rain and you are having difficulty seeing anything through the windshield, that takes hyper-concentration and just drains me.  But that's what i did for 8-1/2 hours, I knew when I got back to the yard they would send me home simply for the fact that I have too many hours on the clock. I ended up with 45 for the week.

Now, when I got back, the co-worker approached me and told me that he had been texted by the General Manager who said that Thomas - an inside salesman that's been there maybe a year now - had called him and said that this place was operating in the good ole' boy's club mentality.  Yes, I have been saying that forever. But it takes more than just me saying it to confirm anything. The GM didn't believe me - he called the inside salesmen though to see what they sould say and they told hi…