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It was a bit interesting to read a news article about 10 jobs that will be in demand from now til' 2022.  Many of them had median incomes of -- 19k, 20k, - very lowpaying IMO.  I can't even imagine trying to live off of 20k per year.  Apparently my views of pay are a bit elevated.  But, the starting wages of a truck driver fresh out of driving school is minimum 36k.  And I consider that to be low paying as well.  Though, a whole lot better than 20k.

One thing that is occurring, however, is this 80 hour per pay period deal is not actually happening. Well, it was at first. But I had almost 90 last pay period and up to almost 46 for this last week alone.  What the numbers at our branch do not justify is the amount of labor on the payroll.  Meaning, too many people.  There is just no reason to have that much labor, especially over-dosed on salesmen.  The dude that crashed the truck - he is basically there because they are having mercy on him.  There is no other reason for he does…