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I'm already there this morning before anyone else.  The warehouse "manager" shows up and hands me some tickets and says to put them on the 550.  Umm, I'm not going to be getting stuck in other trucks this week.  Ohh, well you can put it on the straight truck. No, that's not what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the semi.  I'm not going through this week out of the truck again.  He just grunts at me.

Well the pothead shows up later and starts pulling an order. I get sent out on a run that takes half the day to do and then my coworker texts me: your boy is in your truck.  This warehouse dude just thinks he can do whatever he wants.  The good ole' boys club, the pothead and he have been there forever, exceping of course the little year off that after the pothead was fired.

So I come back from the run and confront the man.  Why are you putting him in the truck again this week? He just sits there and stares at me.  I say it again.  More starin…