Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm already there this morning before anyone else.  The warehouse "manager" shows up and hands me some tickets and says to put them on the 550.  Umm, I'm not going to be getting stuck in other trucks this week.  Ohh, well you can put it on the straight truck. No, that's not what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the semi.  I'm not going through this week out of the truck again.  He just grunts at me.

Well the pothead shows up later and starts pulling an order. I get sent out on a run that takes half the day to do and then my coworker texts me: your boy is in your truck.  This warehouse dude just thinks he can do whatever he wants.  The good ole' boys club, the pothead and he have been there forever, exceping of course the little year off that after the pothead was fired.

So I come back from the run and confront the man.  Why are you putting him in the truck again this week? He just sits there and stares at me.  I say it again.  More staring.  Are you going to answer or what?  Well he asked me if he could drive it again this week, the man blurts out, stuttering.  He doesn't like when I confront him.  I don't do it often but when he starts playing his stupid games, namely favoritism and it affects me, I'm going to confront him on it.  I knew right away that this wasn't going to change without approaching the new manager, so I just looked at the warehouse manager and informed him I would deal with this through the manager.

Well you need to go load up the truck with this stuff, he is in a meeting.  No, I think I'll go over there and discuss this right now, completely ignoring his "order" for he isn't management and headed straight over there.  He was on the phone.  I popped in, he gave me a funny look, hung up the phone and asked me what's wrong?  I informed him of the situation.  Oh, well are you guys switching back and forth?  I looked at him for a second, trying to keep my words limiited: I've been driving that truck for a year now.  Tony (warehouse dude) thinks he can just do whatever he pleases without even considering my input.  I stopped myself there.  Okay, I'll talk to Tony.

Now, the new manager is consistent about one thing: if he says he's going to deal with something that is causing a problem, he will deal with it.  I walked out, said thank you while leaving and so, who knows.

I have no idea at this point how long it is going to take to find a job that suits me instead of just taking something to get out of there.  I'm not going to "run" from that place to go to something else that may have a better working environment but keeps me out on the road all the time.  If it ultimately comes to that so beit, but for now, I am floating. In fact, just turned in 90 hours, which is better than the 80 that was dictated from the start of this.  I have no idea what I will get on the next paycheck, but I logged 9-1/4 hours today.

So whatever.  This pothead, btw, is there at 7:30. He was loading the truck until 11:45.  We're talking 2 pallets and some pipe.  It should have taken him 2 hours at most.  This was reported to me by my coworker about the time it took and the time he left.  Now, where he was going is a 2-1/2 hour drive one way.  I've done it several times so has my coworker.  This dude left at 11:45 am and then calls at 4:00 pm saying he is lost, his GPS isn't working.  Ummm, there is a Rand McNally road map in the truck.  Someone tore the Louisiana page out of it long ago, which is mainly what we travel, but this was in Texas and the Texas map was still in it.  Some kind of bs he is talking. I happened to be in the office when the contractor called, at 4:15 pm.  Where is this guy?

That'll all go over well with the new manager.  I didin't stick around, though I did start laughing. Couldn't help it. They all think so highly of this dude simply because he's been there so long. There's your great driver! Over 4 hours to load the truck and 4-1/2 to get to a jobsite that is 2-1/2 hours away and he still isn't there.

Okay, rant over.

I started a detox today.  My version of it anyway.  You know, your body? Toxins build up over time? Yeah that.  My version is a total fast.  Water only.  For as long as I can handle it.  I've done these before, I was amazed that I have hardly even thought about food today.  It's almost bedtime so I can safely say I made it through day one.  One site calls for 10 days and another for 12.  Umm, that's a long time to go without food or any other kind of drink than water - but - there are other benefits toa water only extended fast.  If I can make it past the 4th day, I can do it.  I don't know yet, I'm not going to feel bad about it if I quit early, I'm sorta trying to get back into this stuff that I did most of my adult life before moving out there.  You just plain feel better after you do it if you can do it long enough.

That's it. I'm a bit - weak feeling - from not eating, but, again, I'm not sitting here craving food.  Interesting.

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