Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 2 of cleansing fast.  Well actually I'm officially into day 3 since the last time I ate was sunday afternoon.  I read up on it for I haven't fasted in a long time.  Strange things already.  Like taking a nap - which I never do after coming home from work but got decidely weak - and then the phone ringing waking me up.  I had no idea what was going on but I instantly thought it was tomorrow morning and that it was the alarm that had gone off.

I got up to turn off the alarm, confused.  Why is there daylight? Why isn't the alarm set?  I was still in my clothes when it finally dawned on me that it's not tomorrow morning.   Or taking a load of laundry to wash and heading out the back door instead of - to the laundry room.  but by all accounts I have read this is perfectly normal.

Bouts of fatigue are expected.  Most people do not work when they are attempting a long fast because you get weaker than normal. So, I don't know how long I am going to try to do this.  But it seems like 10 days is the shortest amount of time for your body to really experience the toxin removal and "fixing" your digestive system, which I know that mine is out of sorts.  Well I'm going to do minimum 3 days, which puts it at tomorrow at around 6:30pm.

I would very much like to take it longer than that, but I'll have to see how I'm doing.  Driving trucks and physical labor at the yard and such may prove to be too much to do an extended fast while still trying to work.  I can't take 10 days off for it and even if I could, I wouldn't want to use that much vacation time just to fast.  As it stands I am looking at taking time off during Memorial day week.  I was going to take the Thursday and Friday off before, but my co-worker beat me to it.  Which is no biggies, I can take a few days off after and have a 5 day "weekend" - or longer if I so desire.  Which I so desire.

Whatever the case, it is highly undesirable to get into a 3rd day of fasting and then contemplate quitting, it's not something you do every day and it really takes a lot of willpower to stick with it.  I mean, the landlords are cooking dinner out there with brats and all kinds of tasty looking vegetables - they are on a 3-day military diet which they are going to do on and off indefinitely until desired weight loss is gained.  I may join them with that after I'm done with this fast.  I have gained considerable amounts of fat in a relatively short period of time.  Just that I have made it this far, at least try to make it til' the weekend?

At work today, the new manager hit me up as I was walking into the building to sign in.  He wanted to verify what was going on.  I explained it to him.  Everything I said in my entry yesterday, basically and no need to go through all of that again.  He again said he would talk to Tony about it.  But, Tony showed up right after that, handed me some papers and indicated that I would be driving the semi today.  I'm just willing to let things slide anymore.  He plays favorites and I'm going to call him out on it.

The truck was a disaster. After a week plus of the pothead driving it, there was garbage, personal belongings and even product all over the place.  I took all of that s*** out of there and then realized the strong odor.  Smoking.  He had been chain smoking in there apparently with the windows closed or slightly cracked at best, for the foul, strong smell of cigarette smoke was well imbedded in the air ducting for the ac/ventilation system.  I had that fan on high all day long with the windows opened and the smell had only slightly decreased.  I was pissed to say the least.  A year plus of driving this almost solely to myself and now 1 week of a slob that smokes and it's trashed.  Our company has a written policy of no smoking in company vehicles and  that will be the next one I start pushing for.

However, when I got back, the coworker came up and said my name was the subject of a meeting today.  Oh really.  Well what was that all about?  The new manager apparently decided that I was going to be driving the semi, co-worker the 10 wheeler and the pothead the 550 "for now".  Assigned vehicles.  Well, at least I'll have a clean truck.  I had a chance to scrub it down again today - interior that is - but I was too tired from fasting to do it so I napped instead.

I did have a pleasant converstion with the man that runs the plant in Alexandria where we get some of our concrete products from.  The subject went to debt after I said for whatever reason about not carrying much cash and him only carrying cash.  I don't have any debt, he said.  I carry around cash.  Oh, well I don't carry too much, I have maybe 20 bucks on me.  Well, he replied, I have $800. Wow, that's a lot of cash to be carrying around, do you carry a pistol?  Oh yes.  He owns a house, a truck, a van, a boat and another truck clear and free.  Actually that conversation went on much longer than I probably should have engaged in it, but he's pretty sociable dude.

Well, fortunately, only another hour to bedtime.  I say fortunately because once I go to sleep, obviously, all of this weakness is irrelevant.  I'm not actually that hungry, per se, it's just the weakness from not eating.  Smelling that delicious food wasn't too helpful either.

And finally, it's freezing cold in this house.  I have no idea why these folks like to keep it this cold in here.  I mean, I just walked outside and it felt nicer in the muggy warmth than it did in here.  The AC system is running and running - it's not actually that warm out.  It's a bit warm and muggy, yes, but not that bad.  Oh well, go to bed, pull up a blanket and go to sleep.

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