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Day 2 of cleansing fast.  Well actually I'm officially into day 3 since the last time I ate was sunday afternoon.  I read up on it for I haven't fasted in a long time.  Strange things already.  Like taking a nap - which I never do after coming home from work but got decidely weak - and then the phone ringing waking me up.  I had no idea what was going on but I instantly thought it was tomorrow morning and that it was the alarm that had gone off.

I got up to turn off the alarm, confused.  Why is there daylight? Why isn't the alarm set?  I was still in my clothes when it finally dawned on me that it's not tomorrow morning.   Or taking a load of laundry to wash and heading out the back door instead of - to the laundry room.  but by all accounts I have read this is perfectly normal.

Bouts of fatigue are expected.  Most people do not work when they are attempting a long fast because you get weaker than normal. So, I don't know how long I am going to try to do this.  Bu…