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Well, I have Tuesday and Wednesday off after Memorial Day.  Making a 5 day weekend.  I'm just a little unsure about a trip to Phoenix.  Certainly don't want to plan it the way the last one went, where I worked all day, drove 2-1/2 hours to the airport, had a late flight, go there at 1 something am and didn't really arrive at her house until 3 or 4 am.  Yeah that just doesn't work.  The price of airfaire near here is just ridiculous.  Compared to flying out of Dallas it is, anyway.  Shreveport by far the highest.  I just can't justify paying that much money for a flight when I know I can save a lot of money by driving clear to Dallas.  It ain't no fun, but it's pretty much my modus operandi.

I guess I just don't feel like going to Phoenix right now.  I like driving trips for the cost savings, but Phoenix is just too far away for a road trip. Day and a half to get there, day and a half back, 3 days of driving leaves...what for a vacation?  Let me ponder t…

Water Fast Day 4

There is one thing I can say with certainty: If I had had to have done too much physical exertion today, I would have to end this fast.  I'm not saying I didn't exert any evergy at my job today, I did, quite a bit actually, but I was out driving as well which pretty much saved me.  I had to load the truck this morning but it wasn't that much material, drive 1 hour 35 minutes to a delivery site - which I only had to unstrap and then drive to a jobsite to pick up pipe that they contractor couldn't use. That part was the physical part.

This post will undoubtedly get hits for some time to come for the water fast part, so here is the TMI part for those that are searching around the web for personal experiences.  Mine hasn't been quite like anyone else's but that only because, I think anyway, I have had to work every day since I started it.  My job consists of driving trucks, yes, but also lifting and moving around heavy parts, palletizing them, shrink wrapping them…