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Today, spent 10 hours doing the CHL now called LTC class.  It went one wayyyyy longer than it should have.  The instructor went into all kinds of personal stories that had nothing to do with shooting and a personal friend of his was taking the class and he kept yapping on and on and onnnnnnn about non-related issues that had absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with guns, shootings, nothing.  I was getting irritated with these people just dragging this out.  I'm telling you that the classroom portion of the training could have easily been cut by 3 hours without all of that nonsense.  I don't want to hear all of that stuff, this isn't a social club, let's get on with it! Turns out I wasn't the only one have the same thoughts.  
I missed 3 questions on the test and that because the instructor didn't go over those things.  I passed well beyond the minimum grade so no biggies.  We then went to the shooting range. As the instructor predicted, there were peo…

DAy 6 Water Fasting Complete

This was a very long day.  We drove down south and went to a college there to attend a CHL class.  Actually, they have changed the name of it to LTC - simply meaning license to carry.  It started at 8 am and it took until 6 pm to complete.  So, sitting in a class room until around 3 pm, with an hour lunch break, of which I didn't eat obviously, so I just hung out at the college while the people I was with went to get food.  I didn't want to be exposed to that.  Stay away from "temptation".  Nothing wrong with food, it's not sinful to eat, not saying that, just right now, I'm focused on getting at least 7 days done.

Well, Day 7 starts now, actaully.  Anyway, the hardest part of today was at the shooting range.  Number one, you are under pressure to score a minimum score to pass.  Most there were nervous, I was at first.  My hands were shaking.  I'm thinking: gee, I just spent an entire day with this, it would really suck to fail after all of that.  2, I ra…

Day 6 Water Fasting Part One

So, my sleep last night was not nearly as good as the night before.  First off, I broke out in a rash all over my upper body before going to bed, which is now all gone. ??  Second, I just didn't "feel" right and kept waking up, until about 3 am when I finally fell into a very deep sleep.  I know this because it was the alarm that woke me up this morning.  I could have slept hours longer.

I had a hard time waking up.  Still attempting to do so, really.  My stomach is all bunched up in a knot now.  I still have a mild headache.  Caffeine addiction would have ended by now.  I can only surmise that there is a lot of toxin build up in my system is making it's way out and you are forewarned by experts that you will experience various forms of disscomfort during the fast.

I also had an "accident" last night.  Liquidy and disgusting.  TMI, perhaps but for those looking to do an extended water fast, this may or may not be your experience as well,  though I have re…