Sunday, May 15, 2016

Water Fasting Day 7

Day 7 of water ony fasting complete.  This isn't actually getting easier, so I would say that it is a bit different than most of the other personal water fasting experiences I have been reading or Youtube videos I have been watching.  I am, however, seeing some fat burning off.  I hadn't noticed it until today.  I don't have a scale and I really don't want to get involved with that.  I weighted in at 214 pounds about 3 months ago and my weight likely went up from there, it certainly didn't go down.  I will weigh myself somewhere whenever I decide to end this fast.

Last night was uncomfortable to say the least.  I couldn't sleep, things going on inside my body that kept me awake and tossing and turning.  It lasted til this morning so I got very little sleep.  Never-the-less, I got up early and went to church anyway.  The service was incredibly good and the spiritual part of fasting started to awaken in me. I actually only started this as a detox and perhaps lose some weight and, possibly see some health benefits from it.

But in the last few days, I have turned it over to the Lord and have really been seeking Him.

Anyway, I knew a few days ago I wouldn't want to end it tonight though 7 days was at least my minimum amount of days I wanted to do it.  I am going to carry this through tomorrow and see how I feel at work.  If I can' deal with it, I will try to make it til' Wednesday.  If not, I'll buy myself some fresh, cold watermelon and end it.  So I am 1 and a half hours into day 8.  I got home from church and have done nothing since then.  Laid down for a nap, sat down and watched tv, watched a show called Lost on Netflix and did some research on various things of interest to me, including college, presidential polls and dabbing back into the job searching thing again.

Even so, I am still tired but it's due to the sleeplessness last night.  I can only hope I sleep better tonight for I know tomrorow is going to be another long day driving all of the upper half of Louisiana.  I was exposed to a large number of food ads of various sorts today and it was hard. Just seeing the images was enough to make me look at it in wonder.  Any kind of food looks delicious, I don't care what it is.  At the same time, I am not hungry. I'm just fatigued and the psychological effect, I guess, of eating food all my life, my mind playing tricks with me.

So, I turned to the internet and started reading more about fasting to get my mind off of food.

Find out tomorrow what's in store for me.

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