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Water Fasting Day 7

Day 7 of water ony fasting complete.  This isn't actually getting easier, so I would say that it is a bit different than most of the other personal water fasting experiences I have been reading or Youtube videos I have been watching.  I am, however, seeing some fat burning off.  I hadn't noticed it until today.  I don't have a scale and I really don't want to get involved with that.  I weighted in at 214 pounds about 3 months ago and my weight likely went up from there, it certainly didn't go down.  I will weigh myself somewhere whenever I decide to end this fast.

Last night was uncomfortable to say the least.  I couldn't sleep, things going on inside my body that kept me awake and tossing and turning.  It lasted til this morning so I got very little sleep.  Never-the-less, I got up early and went to church anyway.  The service was incredibly good and the spiritual part of fasting started to awaken in me. I actually only started this as a detox and perhaps los…