Wednesday, May 18, 2016

At work today, I took a spool out to a jobsite, which took very little time.  Meanwhile, the pothead had been loading the semi all morning long.  Hours worth of work.  I got back to the yard and he was gone and they handed me the tickets - the truck is loaded and strapped down, ready to go.  Oh?  Where is Eddie?  Well they came running out when he was about to leave and told him he had been red-flagged to go take a breathylizer test.

I think it's his 8th drug test since he came back.  So, I got in the truck and drove off! lol The dude had been smoking in there yet again. Anyway, I have 90 hours for this pay period if I only work 8 hours the next 2 days, so at least I have something much better coming than the 80 garbage. Likely they'll try to keep me at 8 and no problem, they cop finished on my gun and I need to drive down there and get it.

I left my pistol with the LTC course director - who is also a city cop - who said he is a - some title that isn't quite a gunsmith but still has a license to do work on certain guns including my Sigma .40 S&W. He said the trigger was quite stiff - which I completely agreed with and have been wanting it modified for some time.  He said he could do it. The guy is an absolute gun nut.  Which is not unlike my deputy Sheriff next door neighbor who also owns a plethora of guns and spend inordinate amounts of time at the shooting range.  I haven't seen the man in at least 2 weeks, though I think he's trying to stay out of sight after some - interesting - events occurring with his rather spoiled child that runs amok causing mild forms of trouble all over the place.

He was a bit surprised to find out there is a finger printing place in my town.  Yes, I said, but the soonest appointment I could make is this coming Monday.  But no biggies, saves me from having to drive well out of my way otherwise to get it done.  Considering the lengthy time to get the background check done, no big hurry.  Interesting character to talk to though.

Anyway, yes I have fingerprinting - again - on Monday, even though DPS already has extensive finger prints just submitted less than 2 months ago.  Ridiculous.  Won't those just show up on their background check? Of course they will, why do they need more?  Whatever. Appointment made, will do my best to get to it on time.  Latest available is 3:50 pm, meaning having to get off work at 3:15.  Which will work since I start work at 7am next week and getting off at 3 would be 8 hours regardless.

The only other "pressing" thing - which really isn't pressing at all - is getting the 4 wheeler finished being put back together before Saturday morning.  Jsut screws and plastic pieces.  I'll have to take the front end off eventually to fix the bearing on the steering shaft, but it works perfectly well just makes a lot of noise.  Spraying oil into it didn't do anything for it.  Got the tire done today.  I have taken it to the shop twice to have it installed correctly, the tread facing the wrong direction.  Today was the 3rd time and I demanded they do it right this time and for free.  Which they did.

Well, I guess my break from filling out applications needs to end.  I didn't do hardly any during the fast, time to pick it back up.

Monday didn't start out too well.  I dumped the fast about 1 pm when I finally found a place over there that sells watermelon.  Best watermelon I've ever eaten, lol.  I actually didn't start feeling better until Tuesday though.

It's Wednesday now and I'm feeling much better, thank goodness.  I haven't started drinking coffee again, though, thought I would let my system have a break from stimulants beyond the fast.  I'm too much of a coffee fan to give it up forever, though.

The lady of the house is in Florida on work assignment until - Thursday I think.  It's interesting to see what happens to the house when she is gone.  I just try to keep up with the ktichen, the rest of it is not my business or my concern.  But even keeping up with the kitchen can be a challenge in such an envirnonment.

Anyways, we are supposed to go on a trail ride this weekend - but I'm taking my 4 wheeler they can have the horses.  Not that I don't like horses but it's supposed a huge property and the owner has invted her to come with the 4 wheeler and that we can take it there anytime, not just for official trail rides.  I'm hopeful this is as big a property as was described.

Well this is going to be a short one, I ran out of time. Off to work.

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...