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As I predicted a while back when I went to the doc's and they charged me a $108 office visit fee claiming I hadn't paid my deductible for the year yet, most of that money was refunded without my ever asking for it.  That's because a deductible doesn't include the doctor visit fee.  But I didn't want to argue with the lady, I just paid it and expected a refund check later on, which I received on Friday.

It's Sunday already, where did the weekend go? Oh, yes, spent yesterday riding the 4 wheeler and doing fun things.  Today I"m doing much of nothing.  I like to take a full day off during the weekend just lazing around unless there is something intereting to do . I am sure there are interesting things to do, I  just don't feel like it.  Was out in the sun yesterday, no shade ad though I amn ot complaining and yes I had sun screen on, it took it out of me and today is a nothing day.  Well, I did order the rest of the parts to fix the steering column issue…