Sunday, May 22, 2016

As I predicted a while back when I went to the doc's and they charged me a $108 office visit fee claiming I hadn't paid my deductible for the year yet, most of that money was refunded without my ever asking for it.  That's because a deductible doesn't include the doctor visit fee.  But I didn't want to argue with the lady, I just paid it and expected a refund check later on, which I received on Friday.

It's Sunday already, where did the weekend go? Oh, yes, spent yesterday riding the 4 wheeler and doing fun things.  Today I"m doing much of nothing.  I like to take a full day off during the weekend just lazing around unless there is something intereting to do . I am sure there are interesting things to do, I  just don't feel like it.  Was out in the sun yesterday, no shade ad though I amn ot complaining and yes I had sun screen on, it took it out of me and today is a nothing day.  Well, I did order the rest of the parts to fix the steering column issue on the 4 wheeler and then I also had to order a new starter for it - which was cheap, I was almost shocked.

And yesterday, I got a brand new battery for it - for nothing.  The warranty had expried on it and the guy at the parts store said nope, you'll have to pay for a new one.  I said, well, okay.  When he went to fill in the information on the computer, it shot back some screen saying something different.  He then came back with a battery, had me sign a paper and that was that. $90 worth of a small battery for free.  I was happy about that one for sure.

The replacement parts are cheap for the steering column, however, the repair itself means removing the radiator to get at it.  And from experience with this 4 wheeler, nothing is ever as easy as it "should" be.  Working on the thing has it's therapuetic effect on me, however.

Meanwhile, recent applications I have sent out I have heard nothing back from.  Not the  end of my world but I can't remember sending out other applications and not getting some kind of response from the company.  I'm wondering  if my work is hindering it.

I've got a new list of local tanker outfits that haul fuel that I'm going to apply at if they don't have "recent tanker experience required" listed, I may try anyway just for fun, you never know where you might catch a break.

In other news, my dad's wife somehow got a hold of my son's phone number and contacted him.  I have been trying to get a hold of my dad for over a year now.  No exaggeration, it's been well over a year since I last heard anything from him.  Now I know why he never answered his phone or replied to my messages left to me: he doesn't have a personal phone anymore.  I don't understand that and I haven't called over there yet.  His current wife doesn't like any of us boys, my brothers worse than I but still.  She was annoyed with my son saying why don't we ever write or call?  Umm, yeah.  I didn't have his address, his phone number was shut off, he didn't reply to emails or facebook inquiries, I couldn't even get my uncles to reply to me much less give me any info they had.  I tried to figure out which house was theirs on Zillow but I had no luck with that either.

I'm likely going to call today, I just don't want to get into it with his wife.  She's thrown him out over the years several times and I just don't have much respect for her.

My son's birthday is Tuesday.  Hopefully I got a card out to him in time.  If not, the Harkins Theatre gift card should arrive tomorrow.  He's interim in Phoenix right now, I don't know what his next move is.  He believes he will be in Japan within the next 2 years.  That's like, a permanent move there as far as he's concerned.

I went to the Post Office yesterday to try and fill out an application for a passport.  But, the Post Office is closed on Saturdays.  Oh well.  Next week I have Monday through Wednesday off, with it being Memorial Day and asking for a couple extra days off.  I will go on Tuesday and get it done.  I don't have the photos I need anyway.  Tomorrow I have the appointment for finger printing at 3:50 pm.  I go to work at 7am, I should be able to get off at 3 and get my 8 hours in and make it easily in time.  The truck is loaded for tomorrow morning delivery, but it's only 30 miles to the jobsite.  That will ony take a couple of hours.  And usually, if there is a long run, they aren't sending you on it too late in the day unless it's an emergency. AS much as I want the OT, I would have to hand it off ot someone else.

Well, anyway, my dad is pressing on my mind.  I have a feeling things are not good with him. Last time I talked to him he mentioned that the doc had stated he has some dementia.  I don't know how he is, I don't know how well he's being taken care of, I know literally nothing excepting that he is alive and that they sought me out to have a contact for this side of the family "in case something happens" as my son stated it.  I would really like to go down and visit him, but it's such hostile territory.  Their entire family is opposed to us, as evidenced by the visits I made there in the past during holidays.  The only thing that helped was the last time I was there: they were very drunk and that actually made them more amenable to my son and I being there.  They had consumed a very large bottle of Crown Royal and a large bottle of vodka along with beer and wine.

I guess that's enough for one entry. Lots of pondering and thinking going on here.

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