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I am overwhelmed with grief for a man I only knew through reading his internet postings.  He was one of my uncles.  I only encountered him a few times and that was before I was 10 years old.  I read his Facebook postings - he kept a blog-like posting of things that were happening to him as the disease advanced.

His beloved doggy died suddenly on him last month, he had posted and pics of him with the dog. Dogs bring out things in us human folks.  That is a fact.  You see the pic and you might understand what I am saying.

That's uncle Bill.  The thing that gets me about this photo?  This looks exactly like my dad, of whom I haven't spoken with in over a year and I have absolutely NO idea how he is doing. I finally got their phone number and have been calling and calling and calling, with no answer.  Ugh. I want to see my dad. I don't have good feelings about his situation.

Uncle Bill posted that picture last month. When I read what h…
I posted somewhat about this before the divorce.
This dude calling Valerie on a daily basis - while we were still married.
Well, I find out today, she's married to him.

You didn't read that wrong.  She has already remarried and to this dude she was allegedly only "talking to" on the phone.  I asked her at the time: have you been having sex with him?   The fact that she could remarry what amounts to a total stranger in such a short time. Conversely, the fact that she was basically dating this dude before we got divorced. It will be a good thing that I don't ever happen upon them together in public somewhere.  For if that happens, there will be a confrontation.  I didn't say violence, don't read what I didn't say, but there will be a verbal confrontation and it won't be pleasant.

 Not seeking any of this out, I just don't ever want to see them together, for in my world, that is an extremely bad, evil and deceitful thing to do.  I don't wond…