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I'm glad I am getting 5 days off starting after work Friday.  I am not going to Arizona.  I likely am not going anywhere.  Of all the things that have happened this week, finding out today, just a while ago actually, that my dad has full blown Alzeheimer's was a blow that I wasn't prepared for.  Not only that but he has a heart problem that causes his heart rate to go abnormally high - it was at 180 a few weeks ago and he ended up in the hospital.

I wrote up an email for extended family members.  My dad just disappeared a couple of years ago to most everyone, though I was still receiving cards from him and then....that just disappeared.  Anyway, I'm copying and pasting what I wrote to them earlier instead of writing all that again here:

"After a year and a half of not hearing from dad (David), I finally got to talk to him on the phone today.
It was a pleasant conversation and from his side of things, he is doing well, still likes to do his writing, gets around with a…