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I dunno. I just had the feeling when I wrote the last post that more was coming.  Things just seem to happen that way in life.  You get a period where you're getting all kinds of input and circumstances and situations going on all at once.

So, my dad has Alzheimer's, my uncle died this week and now I find out my other uncle had some kind of fall and has brain damage, which occurred a while back but I did not know about it and therefore, the reason he also fell off the map. This is basically all of my older generation family going down at the same time.  I don't understand that, I just know it happens.  Just like when you see a movie star die.  You can expect 2 more to die relatively soon after that.  Why? I don't know, it seems to always happen though.

That is a lot of stuff to take in.  But it definitely wasn't the end.  It was my son's birthday this week, my home modification is apparently coming through meaning an almost $300 per month reduction in mortgage…