Monday, May 30, 2016

I dunno. I just had the feeling when I wrote the last post that more was coming.  Things just seem to happen that way in life.  You get a period where you're getting all kinds of input and circumstances and situations going on all at once.

So, my dad has Alzheimer's, my uncle died this week and now I find out my other uncle had some kind of fall and has brain damage, which occurred a while back but I did not know about it and therefore, the reason he also fell off the map. This is basically all of my older generation family going down at the same time.  I don't understand that, I just know it happens.  Just like when you see a movie star die.  You can expect 2 more to die relatively soon after that.  Why? I don't know, it seems to always happen though.

That is a lot of stuff to take in.  But it definitely wasn't the end.  It was my son's birthday this week, my home modification is apparently coming through meaning an almost $300 per month reduction in mortgage rate and a 401k loan was paid off.  That's one week.  Okay, but I still  didn't figure this was over.  I just had that feeling, which I posted about in an earlier post this week.

And that extra thing occurred 30 minutes ago.  Ben, my landlady tells me (though I speak of them as landlords, they are actually friends now), we need to talk to you!  Man, I'm instantly thinking, what is this all about? I'm thinking all kinds of thoughts in computer speed fashion. Am I being thrown out? Do they have a problem with something I'm doing? I had no idea and I got an uneasy feeling, but only because I just didn't know what was about to come at me.

Well, we need to have some shots first, they stated. Shots of Captain Morgan's rum is what I'm referring to. Okayyyyy.  Well they have known about this for awhile apparently.  I am just finding this out today.  Which I can deal with, it's just this week has been a mountain full of stuff going on.  I sit down, brace myself for come-what-may and here we go.

Well, my work, the guy starts off with, gave us some information today.  In a nutshell without going into all of that, the market has slowed down in this area (ATT internet and now DirecTV installs, he is an installer that goes to people's homes).  There are 75 technicians, ATT says it needs to get rid of up to 40 of them.  You can stay, but your hours will likely be reduced, take an offer to move to a different job market or quit and find a new job.  Those were the options given to him.

Well, to all of them.  They are looking at moving to Georgia.  They want to keep their home here.  This is where they're from.  ATT will pick back up in the market he works in in Shreveport area once they get the fiber optics installed.  They aren't sure yet, they will know in 2 weeks whether they have to move or not.  If they do move, Ben.  Would you consider doing here what you do with your house in AZ?  Renting out rooms.

I don't have a problem doing that.  What really gets to me is these are the only real friends I have out here. Well I have one at work, too and a few casual relationships at work.  But it would be like losing good friends and having much of nothing.  I'm not at a loss as to a decision, I agreed to it if it becomes necessary, as long as it's realistic that the rooms available will pay the mortgage and the electric, gas and water bill.  When I heard their utility bills, I was amazed.  I'm used to much higher figures in AZ. The reason I became apprehensive about it is that there are only 3 bedrooms in this house. It's 2,000 square feet, yes, but only 3 bedrooms and I can't see a way to convert anything into another bedroom without major modifications.

Actually there is one option with only putting in a divider if  a person would agree to it and that would help seal the deal.  However, I could move out of this bedroom and rent it for at least $500 per month - walk in closet, personal bathroom, large bedroom.  Move into the smaller room.  The master bedroom is even larger with walk in closet and personal bathroom. It's the private bathrooms that really attract potential renters, they will pay more for that.  I would have a bathroom, not necessarily personal but no reason for either of the other renters to use it since they have their own.

There are a torrent of things going on through my mind in these days.  I'm not losing sleep over any of it, but it's still a lot to take in in a short period of time.

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