Saturday, June 11, 2016

Well let's see.  My middle brother's blow-up this week.
I don't really want to even go into that.  Just unbelievable though.

Man coming over today to look at the Jeep.  I'm not going to do anything to it until I find out what's wrong with it. I mean by saying that in cleaning it up and changing the oil and all that. If it's an expensive repair, I may put it off.  Find out soon enough, the guy has the computer hookups to plug into it to find out what's going on with it.

My application was denied for LTC - License To Carry. Well, the statement in the letter was it is held up because....the class instructor forgot to date the paper next to his signature.  Further investigatin - which meant calling him and finding out what's going on - found out that he didn't date any of them.  He signed one of the,made copies of it and that was that.

Turns out this guy has made other mistakes in the past.  He's a bit older and usually has his wife helping him do the classes but that day we were there, she wasn't available.  Not the end of the world, I just dated it myself and told him what I put on there so he could put it on his copy of it and faxed it back to the TXDPS.  I'm sending it in the mail, too, just for good measure.  From the looks of the letter they sent me, though, that  is the only thing holding it up, otherwise good to go.  But, it could take - forever, lol for this to actually get worked out and get sent to me.

Now that California won a ruling from an appeals court on CHL's, apparently the masses are swarming the classes and subsequently swarming states processing centers with applications.  So, who knows when I will actually get the license.

As for my landlords, we are in limbo right now. We don't know what the answer is going to be from his employer as to whether they are going to move or not.  I ran an ad anyway to find out what kind of market there is here.  It's a bit pricey for the rooms at $500 - but that includes everything and the rooms have private bathrooms, which is really what people want.

I'm still reeling from the heat yesterday.  It was 97 degrees with similar humidity.  Just wasn't ready for that at all and I had to spend a good portion of the day outdooors.


Dude came over to look at Jeep.  Checked the fuel pump, spark plugs and engine compression on all cylinders.  Compression good.  Started digging around and found that there is no igntion coming into the coil pack.  Well that will do it, lol.  He tried messing with some stuff but finally said he doesn't do electrical, that's out of his realm.  Which is fine, at least he admitted it instead of trying to buy stuff and try it out.  He did say it looks like all roads lead to the computer and that I could get one cheap if I wanted to try that out, but that's only  guess.  I did find computers on line relatively cheap.

But I've been down this road before.  Replace computer and sensors and all kinds of stuff and then find out after spending a lot of money it was the wiring harness that needed repaird.  That was with the car I gave to my son.  It worked for a long time after that, but the money spent on such an old car was hard to justify.  It was just that once I got into it, it was hard to just  say, well, I spent this money, it still isn't working, lets' try again and see if we can get it.

If I would have had the thing towed to an electrical shop to begin with, I would have saved a large sum of money.  The vehcile has a good body, a good engine and transmission, tires are good.  Interior is decent too.  It's in pretty good shape.  There is a shop in town that advertises it specailizes in electrical problems, I'm considering using some of my savings and having it towed there and get a definitive diagnostic.  I have already priced  new computers, up there in the $400 range but reconditioned, guaranteed ones are in the $200 range and junkyard versions that are also guaranteed start at $65 and go up.

Okay, well home alone tonight. Landlords were invited to a house warming party that apparently is really a heavy drinking affair.  Which is none of my concern, just that they aren't planning on coming home tonight.  Which is good if they are going to tie one on.  They found a sitter for the baby for the night as well.

Well that's it for now.  I have numeorous drafts - blog entries that I never finsihed or posted - that I want to clean up either discard or finish or merge together into one.

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