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Just got off the phone with a rather extensive discussion with mom about the group text message chaos where my middle brother literally blew up.  I mean, he went nuts, lost control of his temper, made all kinds of threats of physical harm against me and basically made himself look like a total a-hole.

That group text has all but been ghost-towned. My mother is still posting in it and I will say something just to try to keep it going, but my middle brother went on a 2 day rampage on there and then said goodbye and hasn't posted anything since.  He also hasn't spoken with mother since. I don't care one way or the other what he thinks about me, but give it a rest.  My mother is the nicest person you will ever meet. When it comes to us 3 boys, she treats it completely equitably, fair and no favoritism shown towards any of us.  She does this on purpose, of course and I agree with it.

Anyway, I braved the waters to call her today and find out what's going on, how she felt a…