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Well it came to light today that they are moving. No, it was last night.  I asked cause' there was some talk that was a bit unsettling.  I'm not really wanting them to take off, not that they have a choice.  His dad showed up and that is where 2 plus 2 still equals 4.  I'ma need your help tomorrow moving that motorcycle.  I haven't ever seen the thing, but it's in a shed out back that is locked up.  I saw it today though, lol.

I got into this discussion with the landlord's dad today. It's a 1975 Harley Davidson something or other, not really up on Harleys. .  It had been sitting on a special motorcycle jack for a few years.  It was frozen and wouldn't let down, the jack that is, hydraulics.  They went back and forth about this for quite a while and I got tired of it.  I want done with this, get it off the jack, get it on the floor, get it out of the shed and onto the concrete and then we can move on.  How heavy is this thing? I asked.  It's too hea…