Monday, June 27, 2016

Well, I called my dad and wished him a Happy Father's Day! He sounded good, we had a good conversation.  We laughed and joked and talked a little politics and God and such - and then the call was over.  The hard part is realizing that this conversation that took place 20 minutes ago? He has already forgotten about.  I think I'm going to call him once a week instead of every couple of weeks just to hear his voice before whatever happens with him - happens.

I got full blown into the problems with this Jeep today.  Apparently computer problems are a constant factor if/when people have problems with them.  I was going to buy a used one out of a wrecked vehicle - and then started reading the problems people have with used AND remanufactured.  It's a $50 gamble to buy the computer from the wrecked Jeep.  At least you have an idea that the thing must have been working before it crashed - otherwise it wouldn't have been on the road, right? But it sounds like a nightmare some of what people have gone through with those things.  A few people suggessted to posters on forums to get the thing running and get rid of it.  I'm just sitting here considering my next step with it.

Meanwhile, my landloards are definitely moving.  They  just don't know where, yet, the company hasn't made those decisions yet.  But, it means a lot is going to change around here for me and I'm going to be smack dab back in the middle of room rentals again.  I really wish they had a 4th bedroom in here, it would make paying for the house much easier for I could charge less and not have to try to lure a limited market into a rather expensive room.  Lots to think about there and lots of work to do around here to spruce the place up.

But, the humidity and heat have hit full blown and it's unbelievable.  I don't envy people in AZ right now having to endure 119 degree heat but the humidity here takes a while to get used to.  I have a bit of a break tomorrow morning at work, the truck is loaded and ready to go and it's about a 7 hour round trip run.  That makes Monday morning much easier to deal with.


Above written last week. Haven't felt much like writing, plus I've gotten heavily involved in a political debate forum.  But, I think I'll take a couple days off of that stuff, it starts to get = aggravating? = unnerving perhaps, seeing the views of people from all sides.  I mean, viewpoints that you - or I anyway - would never expect to even exist in a "civilized" society.  You read these people and come to understand that they actually believe what the are saying.  And then you come to concllusion that if enough people thought that way, our nation would be screwed. As it stands, Trump isn't doing so well in the polls, but then again, I don't give polls a high level of creedence.  I look at them, yes, but I have always had trouble understanding how they could use 1,000 people in a "scientific poll" and then say that that represents the views of hundreds of millions of people......

I finally broke down and bought a grill.  I've been wanting one for quite a long time.  What am I working for if I can't enjoy a few extras in life?  $200 plus propane cylinder, we put it together yesterday.  Because of "bad" instructions, they only have picture instructions with no words so if you have a question, well, you're on your own, put it together and then? Take it back apart because it wasn't supposed to go together that way even though the instructions appeared to show it a different way. Is this the product of an illiterate society? That can't even read a set of instructions so make it all pictures like a picture book in kindergarten? Just curious.

At least all the parts were there, nothing missing.  Couldn't fire it up, though, new cylinder arrives Tuesday.  Though, I could have bought on locallly for the same price and I probably should have just done that.

On the news front, my landlady showed me a pic yesterday on her phone.  It was of a pregnancy test show plus for yes, she is pregnant!  Yay! Told them they need to do it and get it over with.  Not that they were listening to me, lol, but I always thought it better to have siblings closer together in age.  Perfect time for it. Summer just starting, she'll be into the heaver part of it during the winter months and having the baby before next summer.  Only drawback is they are moving.

Which is the other "news" though I have already written about it.  They haven't got their marching orders yet - ie: where they have to move to. I've received several hits on the rooms and some good sounding prospective tenants.  But I don't know if they can wait that long.  It's gonna be a while longer before they get out of here.

Of course, everything that occurs has ripple effects.  Such as them taking their animals out of here.  I can't have Addler in the back yard, alone all day long while I'm at work.  I hate to get another dog but I just don't like the idea of him being along for extended periods of time.  He's a very social dog and I suspect if left under those conditions he would start trying to get out of the yard.  Cross that bridge when I get to it I guess. I don't want another Dane, I don't think anyway, 2 of them would cost a fairly hefty food bill, though I've had 3 of them in the past.  I fed them cheaper dog food.

The upkeep of the house will fall squarely on me, plus making sure the tenants are "good neighbors" and not creating problems in the neighborhood.  Plus the basic rules I impose on tenants - this is stuff that people shouldn't have to be told to do, but in my experience, some of them have to be told anyway.  Electricity consumption and cleanliness being the top 2 on the list of things that some people have to be informed of. Especially when considering a one payment for everything type of situation where some people are tempted to abuse it.

Other than that, I had KAG contact me yesterday.  They are interested in having me come to work for them. The lady said she thought there was a local job available in Shreveport and after a conversation about it, she hung up and then called me back several hours later.  No, she said, I contacted them and found that the only thing available is a regional run. Out 1 to 2 nights and back. Nice, I thouught, too bad this situation here, I could deal with that.


It escaped me that this weekend is the 4th of July weekend, meaning an extended holiday with 3 days off.  Which will fly by quickly but I'll take it over nothing.  I'm undetermined whether to do nothing and enjoy the time off or fly through some projects and get some stuff done.  Well who knows, I'll decide that then.

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