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I tend to not post much when there is nothing going on.  I could post about political stuff - all day every day - but I do enough of that in political groups and debating.  It may sound like a waste of time to debate politcs with people that see things differently, but for me it is a learning experience.  You learn about anarchists, minarchist, neo-cons, democratic socialism, on and on and on.  Well you don't actually learn about it from those people debating you, you are forced to look up everything they are saying because much of what they purport is pure and utter fallacy.

I have therefore done extensive research on quite a large number of issues.  I'm not claiming to be an expert, I am claiming to be an informed citizen. The situation in Dallas has been argued to the nth degree from all sides focusing on every conceivable angle.

Anyway, I have heard nothing back from a few companies that I have applied with.  The new manager is simply a total jerk.  There really is no &q…
Spent much of yesterday just enjoying the holiday.  Cooked 2 racks of ribs on my new grill, my landlords had some friends over that I now know so we sat around and talked for several hours after eating until it got to dusk. We then proceeded to set off a large amount of various types of fireworks.  That was my day yesterday, I didn't really do much of anything else, I didn't feel like it.  Going to work this morning was a chore, anything over the normal 2 day weekend makes it harder incrementally to go back to work, especially in the toxic environment I am now working in.

My coworker driver said he is considering driving a garbage truck, that they actually make decent money and have great benefits. Yeah, I replied, but you have to sit there and smell that smell, allllll day long.  I guess after a while you might get used to it, but it would take me some time to get used to that kind of smell.  He wants out of there, is his point and he doesn't care what he takes as long as…