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Soooo.......a few things today.
First, my iPhone 5s.  Started resetting itself yesterday.  Today, I was dealing with turning the thing back on all day long.
I got home and did all kinds of fixes as listed by various sites on the internet.  I was finally at trying to delete everything and start all over, but - it wouldn't let me.  It won't stay on long enough now to day anything.
I just spent $200 on this blooming thing to allegedly have a good phone for a while to come, now I am stuck with a worthless piece of garbage.  I may take it back to the dude at the store near here and see if he can fix it - but - I am not relying on that.
As much as I did not want to get into a payment plan on another phone, that's exactly what I did.

I'm too addicted to using it while at work and more distinctly, while driving countless miles.  I've gotten ample use out of the thing.  If the guy at the store can get it working, I'll sell it for whatever I can and be done with it.

I n…