Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Soooo.......a few things today.
First, my iPhone 5s.  Started resetting itself yesterday.  Today, I was dealing with turning the thing back on all day long.
I got home and did all kinds of fixes as listed by various sites on the internet.  I was finally at trying to delete everything and start all over, but - it wouldn't let me.  It won't stay on long enough now to day anything.
I just spent $200 on this blooming thing to allegedly have a good phone for a while to come, now I am stuck with a worthless piece of garbage.  I may take it back to the dude at the store near here and see if he can fix it - but - I am not relying on that.
As much as I did not want to get into a payment plan on another phone, that's exactly what I did.

I'm too addicted to using it while at work and more distinctly, while driving countless miles.  I've gotten ample use out of the thing.  If the guy at the store can get it working, I'll sell it for whatever I can and be done with it.

I now have a brand new iPhone 6S with 64 gigs of memory coming to me.  I looked at the iPhone 6S plus, but after using a ruler, that thing is way too big.  Bigger is not always better, it was only a few dollars more per month for the Plus but I don't think it would work out too well for the way I use it. I really tried everything I could find to fix this thing.  I have to have a phone and I had people at work telling me 2 years and it's done.  Not that I necessarily believe without thought what they are saying, but they had their own experiences.  I was really hoping not to have to get another phone this soon.....

Work today.  Auditors showed up early.  I put on my best act.  Which isn't hard to do because I always try to do my best, but chocking the wheels, for example, is nothing I am interested in doing normally.  Semis have spring brakes.  If the air lets out in the parking brake, the spring brakes automatically engage, the truck isn't going anywhere and believe me, most trucks have some kind of air leak, mostly very minor but after sitting all night long without running, it will be down below the minimum level to keep the parking brake applied.  But, when parking overnight you release both valves anyway.  But I did that all day today.  I the first person they talked to.  I was actually called out to the truck, they always start with drivers.

They wanted to check the truck with it running, after I introduced myself and shook hands with all 3 of them, I ran back to the shop and got the key, fired it up and did their tests.  They had me turn on the lights and turn signals.  Then the dude got up in the truck. What are you looking for?  A certification that they want in the trucks - which we have in all of them.  Next - where do you keep the pin for the fuel card?  I explained that we all had our personal pin codes memorized.  We don't keep them written down anywhere.  Well where is the card? In the cubby hole.  He checked that.

Later, he wanted the fuel card to the pickup.  Okay, here we go.  He asked again with different verbiage about the pin code and where it was kept?  Well, sir, the pin codes we have are all assigned to us and one code works for all cards, we don't keep them written on paper.  He finally admitted that it was a trick question and that many drivers keep the pins written on paper and kept in the vehicle with the card.  I was asked other questions of which I gave ready answers without hesitation.  I then had to load the semi with a large amount of sewer pipe.  The main dude came out and asked if this was the paperwork for everything on the truck.  Uhh, no, the stuff up front is on paperwork in the will call.  Did you load this (pipe soap), I thought I saw it up there? No, I don't do that until the end.

He took a pic of the paperwork and left.  It was a bit later and I was doing my own pre-trip on the truck - I hadn't driven it in almost 2 weeks, the other dude/pothead had been driving it - and found a light burnt out on the trailer.  The auditors never said anything to me about it.  Of course not, they want to see if it's going to be dealt with before I leave.  Auditors or not, I don't drive tractor trailer rigs with burnt out lights/bulbs unless it happens while I'm driving it and then I fix it immediately.  Bringing it to the various levels of management that were there today for this, they said yes, fix it.  That put off my delivery for an hour as I had to drive the pickup to a truck place and get the sealed light fixture, but, I passed that as well.

I was being surveilled loading trucks.  Semi and then the F550.  I knew they would be though, so I didn't falter on the safety stuff.  The yard guy, however....I knew he would screw up before today began.  I almost suggested they just send his @$$ home for the day, he doesn't care.  Sure enough.  The warehouse manager and the ops manager both told him to use the tire chalks on any freight truck that came into the yard.  I got back from the first run and the warehouse dude was pissed. "I JUST GOT DONE TELL HIS STUPID ASS TO CHALK THE TIRES AND WHAT DID HE DO? WENT OUT THERE, UNLOADED THE TRUCK WITHOUT DOING IT AND THE AUDITORS CAME RUNNING OUT!!!" Ohhh, he was livid, but that wasn't near as bad as the new manager's reaction. He was pissed/hot.  I just stood there and said, he doesn't care, referring to the yard man, which is absolute truth.  He doesn't care what he breaks, runs over, destroys. He sits on his @$$ playing with his phone than anything. And no, I do not play on my phone while loading trucks.  I get my work done and then when there is a lull, I can hit the phone and read messages. It's pretty standard for me not to mess with it, though, while at the yard.

I don't know what will become of that.  After a very long day - I got 10-1/2 hours today despite the manager's dictation that we are reverted back to 8 hours only - my old manager, who is now an outside salesman - had nothing but accolades for me.  I certainly didn't expect that.  You've been scrutinized today, including your paperwork, they (the auditors) were happy with your performance. Great, I thought, where's my raise?  I didn't say that, but it was nice to get some kind of affirmation by anyone in that company and getting it from auditors whose sole job is to find fault, basically, that was pretty nice.  Which does nothing to stop my quest to find a new job but still.

I got home and found out they are getting "rid" of the German Shepherd. Still in puppy stage, but Addler is very fond of that dog.  I came out of my bedroom and out front to find a mother and her son standing there with the dog on a leash.  Well, gee, at least I was able to say goodbye to the dog.  She was really my dog, for all intents and purposes, I gave the dog attention pretty much every day. Now, when they leave, they are taking the other dog with them.

That means Addler stuck here all day long alone? That's just not going to happen.  I told them outright that I am going to have to get another dog.  I don't really want to, but I can't imagine a dog as social as Addler is without anything to interact with for that length of time for 5 days a week.  She, the landlady, blurted right out: Well why don't you get a female Great Dane and breed her and sell the puppies?  I really need to deal with that before they leave.  In fact, I think I'm going to go looking in the next few weeks.  I could get another Dane, but such a large dog. I guess I already have one, one more isn't much different than one alone in terms of finding a place to live if it came to that, which is my only concern.  I'm kinda worried about renting the rooms for the amount of money I need to get out of them for them to be able to pay the mortgage.

That's it.

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