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I was getting a bit annoyed yesterday with their cordless drill. It would last 5 minutes or less and then the battery would die. I was attempting to install gutters along the front porch of the house. When it rains here, it just floods the entire entrance area to the house.  This due to the massive amounts of water pouring off the roof of the house and the low area that is there with no drainage.  Diverting the water somewhere else is a start, installing pipe to drain the water out of there is the finish.

Unfortunately, I did not get the rest of the pipe I needed before managers switched at work.  Highly doubtful I am going to get anything free from now on.  I will test the man, though and see if I can get it at least company cost.  If not, I will ask the GM about it.


Monday.  Upon arrival at work I'm informed a large amount of materials would have to be loaded onto the semi and transported to Corrigan, Texas, a pretty good d…