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Disaster.  Got a new dog for Addler to have a companion after landlord's move out and - this dog can scale a 4 foot chain link fence as if it's non-existent.  Ad already place in Craigslist to find it a new home. It jumps the fence, comes up on the front porch and waits.  Albeit the fact no-one is home.  No, the owners of this dog didn't bother to mention that little fact and it never crossed my mind to ask.  Now, they had a 6 foot fence in their back yard and the dog wasn't trying to scale that.  I dunno, but I have no attachment to this dog at all, so I'm going to find it a new home where it can either run free on a large property or someone has a  6 foot fence or whatever.

Found a trucking company with local hauling that is hiring in my town.  Pay is allegedly 55 to 65k per year.  My compliments at current employment came from auditors.  I put on a stellar show for them while they were there.  I was given 100% and the other drivers failed the entire branch beca…