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I got to work this morning and faced a huge amount of material to be pulled, palletized, checked, shrink wrapped, loaded onto the truck and strapped down.  Which is normal. What was not normal was the extreme heat, the humidity was very high and it was HOT out there.  After 3 solid hours of it, I was not feeling well at all.  A heat headache set in, bad one and I lost energy.

I paid for that the rest of the day.  I mean, fortunately I was driving the truck but I was out of it.  Stopped once to close my eyes and nap for 20 minutes back on the road, to a delivery, to another delivery and then a third.  But on the way back, no way.  I had to stop for 20 minutes yet again and close my eyes.  I felt better after that and then it was when I finally looked at the weather app.  Real feel: 112 degrees with a heat advisory.  This morning before I left the yard, a UPS driver came back a 2cd time, went into the air conditioned will call room, sat down, drank several glasses of cooled water and h…