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New dog still an issue.  Came home yesterday, he was standing out front.  However, their dog hovers over it and attacks it.  Guess that's a no brainer.  If I were a dog and another were doing that to me I wouldn't want to be in that back yard, either.  They're gone in 12 days, the dog going with them so there is that.  Now, whether the dog will stay in the yard when the other one leaves remains to be seen.  Of course, the new dog actually has to live through the experience. No idea where it goes, what kind of traffic it may be running out in front of, if it will get lost, etc.

Heat wave continues.  Tried to get the truck loaded before it got too late in the morning, but that was a non-happening event.  Didn't get out of there until after 11am and it was hot.  Humid type of hot.  Anyway, I get a call from the house today - in Phoenix that is - the water heater is leaking.  Wonderful.  Another $300 plus down the drain…