Thursday, August 11, 2016

Well I got her birthdate, I just need the marriage start and end dates - things I have completely put out of my mind for obvious reasons but should be able to find it easily enough here in my piles of paperwork.

I'm not actually looking forward to my landlord's departure. They are friends and we spend a lot of time talking and hanigng out.  I don't really have any  other friends like that out here.  I have a co worker that we sometimes hang out, but nothing like what goes on on a daily basis here. Hit it off pretty well with the the new tenants that will be moving in, though and they are homebodies, they don't appear to be people that go out doing much of anything, anywhere.  We'll see how that works out, soon enough.

Regardless, They're leaving in 6 days and the new people moving in in 7.  This is going to be a drastic change, to be honest, but nothing I haven't endured before. I don't care about tenants moving in, I just wonder what's to become of me here without any real friends to hang out with?  Church hasn't resulted in any of that and I am thinking of making a change. I love the pastor, he preaches the truth, it's good word.  But it's a huge church and unless you've lived here all your life, you have no chance unless you were imported from somewhere else to be on their staff, in which case, you are instantly everyone's friend.

Well, I've got a lot on my plate, but a church search here in town might find something I like, can deal with and - well it's gonna be a smaller church where you don't get lost.


Co-worker found a new job - with HD Supply which is our largest competitior - and claims he is giving a 2 week notice on Monday.  We don't need 3 drivers.  We would be kept nicely busy without a 3rd driver, but almost guaranteed they will just go out and find someone else to take his place.  Considering how long it took them to find the last dude, though, maybe there will be a window of extended working hours.  But again, for me, it's so late in the year I think I want to wait until after the New Year - but that's not guaranteed if I get a good job offer from somewhere that would be foolish to turn down, I won't turn it down.  Anyway, my coworker will be making over $3 per hour more, it's a good move for him.

May have found someone to take the new doggy.  He needs to go.  He greeted me out front today.  He chewed through the rope to get free out of the back yard.  Next door neighbor's daughter told her she might want  the dog. Yes! Please come now! Free! UTD on shots! I've completely changed my mind now, if I get another dog, it will likely be a Great Dane. But, one of the new tenants moving in is bringing a mutt with him and perhaps they will get along. But, if he keeps it in all day long, that won't work.  Just going to figure this out as each step is taken.

BUT, I am on a plan now that gets the 30 pound bag of Large Breed Iams dog food for $18.95.  This was a find, it is $28 per bag at Sam's Club - when they have it.  It's a great price, it's medium quality food, it has meat as the first ingredient and importantly, Addler eats less of it to get full and that cuts down on costs and dog poop. is where I got the deal and they still have it going.  Petco also had a similar deal.

Well, this weekend I'm going to spend some time getting  my room ready to vacate. After a discussion with the new tenants today, they are coming here earlier than I wanted on the 17th, but I warned them the room wouldn't be vacated early and it will likely be late morning or even afternoon before its ready to move in.  The other room, though will be ready to move in.  I just don't need pressure from anyone to do anything. They knew when it would be available from the get go.

Short trip, got that over with. I no more than got back to the yard and left for home when I got a text from yet the newest version of a di...