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They are cleaning house today. Party tonight but also just getting ready to leave on Tuseday.  I have spent the morning attempting to find the correct information to fill in the passport.  It hasn't been easy.  The divorce  date is what I was haivng trouble finding and yes, the marriage date.  I went through the court documents that I could find and none of them had the marriage date.  It had the divorce date, which I also needed - 12/2/15. She got a marriage license a month and a half later and is now remarried.  Now can anyone tell me that there wasn't marital unfaithfulness going on when you divorced and less than 2 months later you are remarried?  However, he - Billy Lanier - is likely going to regret that decision for her lack of mental stability so there is that.

Anyway, I finally went through my bank account, found the Expedia deal I purchased to get the room for  the honeymoon, logged onto Expedia and found the date that way.  Yeah, a little brain work.

Anyway, off to …