Monday, August 15, 2016

I was very happy to get to work this morning and have a run that was gonig to take up most of the day. Red River Army Depot was the destination in Hook, Texas.  You have to fill out an application to get into the place and they do a background check on you then and there.  The place is massive.  Lots of Army personel carrier trucks all over and all kinds of military vehicles parked alongside dirt roads on both sides all over the place.  2 hours just inside that place getting the truck in there, unloaded and back out again.

Tomorrow is going to be just as good with an even longer trip down to Corrigan.  I don't much care for the inevitable passing by the CMV inspection station which is almost always open and trucks are pulled in at random.....

Anyway, I got off work and headed to UPS store, got the documents notarized and shipped out to mom's place up in the mountains.  Hopefully the trailer will sell quickly, or even at all considering where it's parked. I'm hopeful someone will be willing to buy it and go up and get it out of there.  Otherwise, I'm going to have to pay to have the thing hauled back down to the Valley and that's about $300 bucks to do so.  Ugh.

Got home, there is a rental truck in the driveway and it's almost loaded.  This thing is growing wings and about to take off.  Helped the dude carry a king size mattress out to the truck.  Huge thing!

I'm stressing, I can tell, with everything that is going on.  And irritated with the LTC license.  I mean, even if they reject it, they must send a letter, right?  Out a good deal of money if they don't approve it. Passport, no idea what kind of parameters they use to determine who can get one and who doesn't.  They have my birth certificate and I will be happy when they send that back, it was quite a bit of doing to get that thing.

And, I'm trying my best in the spirit of Christianity if nothing else to be nice to the new manager and treat him with the Golden Rule, which he doesn't give back but there are plenty of scriptures about how you are to treat people regardless of how they treat you.  So, trying to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.  Where the rubber meets the road is also where you find out how much you are really willing to do the things that Christ and the disciples spoke and walked and lived in the New Testament. The man is rather self absorbed, putting it mildly and numerous other adjectives that would aptly describe him. But, no point in dwelling on that stuff forever.  I say that, but then he'll do something else and I'll be back on here writing about whatever it is.  My only recent complaint to him was today and that is about the semi trailer.  We trade it with the store down south and they - destroy the thing.  I mean, it's unbelievable.

Well enough. I'm going to get out of the bedroom and see if they need any more help.

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