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Rubber meets the road time.
They are gone, left at 2 pm.  By the time I got home, Addler was definitely an unhappy camper. No other dogs in the back yard with him, no-one in the house, not happy at all.  I am going to have to find another dog for him soon.  The Dane that was offered apparently is no longer being offered, they didn't like the fact that i couldn't drop everything I am in the middle  of and drive 150 miles to go see if that Dane and Addler are compatible and bring him home.

Found another one.  But, I am going to peruse the local Craigslist ads and see if there is another breed that might be a weeeeee bit smaller and go that route instead.  I am just a Dane lover, but I have had several other breeds of dogs as well that I really liked and loved.  I've had my share of mutts that all turned out to be great dogs.  I just don't want to start from scratch, ie: housbreaking and obedience and all of that.

There are a large number of breeds I don't want, inc…