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One thing you learn when it comes to many co-workers: you can't really trust them.  You can't really confide in them unless they are real life friends as well.
Anyway, my coworker calls me today and starts complaining about how the new manager called him into his office and said that he had heard from outside sources that my co-worker was going around telling everyone he is switching over to our competitor.

I think he suspected that I had said something to someone, which I had not.  I know how this new manager works now, you don't give anything away to him at all.  Nothing. Some things are better left alone that most other managers wouldn't have a problem dealing with.  Not this guy, he's a real winner.  I think the thing that passed the manager off is that my co-worker is going to HD Supply which is a major competitor of ours.  Just to see what they would say, when I got back to the yard today after the second run I non-chalantly asked why he had gone home early?…
A rather grueling day yesterday.  I knew I had a lot to do, but I didn't realize had that much to do until I started in on everything.  Hindsight being 20-20, should have given myself at least 2 days to deal with all of this. Started at 6:30 am moving out of my bedroom, much more there than I thought. I had been storing up food for any kind of natural disaster or whatever else may come along that deprives us of the basic necessities of life and that  food had been taking up a lot of space.

Well, I have an entire pantry now! HUGE pantry at that.  All of that food is neatly tucked away in there at this point and that's numerous large boxes full of food that I don't have to have in my bedroom now.  That is a big plus.  The lady that was supposed to show up at 8? No show and I got back on my computer and found an email from her from the previous day stating she had some sort of family emergency in Houston and wouldn't be able to make it.

Panic mode, sort of.  Started send…