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Friday at last.  Get this work day over with and head home, relax tonight probably and then spend the weekend trying to get some of this situation here finished.

Addler is still pretty agitated I guess you could call it.  He is barely eating and running all the place. If I leave him out too long he will start crying, literally. It's a bit much for him I guess.  Time will deal with it.  He'll at least eat the treats I am giving him so there is that.  I don't think I'm going for  the deaf Great Dane for the owner revealed it is also an escape artist without elaborating how it escapes.  Sorry, I don't need one of those. It really doesn't have to be a Great Dane at all.  A medium sized dog that eats a lot less food would also suffice.

I did get a new bathtub faucted that has an attachment on it to put a hand held shower to it.  You hit the diverter valve and walaah, instant shower.  All well and fine - and installed - but there was only a thing to screw onto the …