Sunday, August 21, 2016

Well I wore myself out today. I was determined to get that ditch dug beyond the house and make the turn,which I did.  It's dug out over there and the 90 installed and that was it for me for today.  I have enough pipe to make it to the back yard but not to the creek, if I'm to ever finish the project I need probably 3 more sticks of pipe and likely I won't get them free as I did with the previous manager who just wrote it off and let me have them.  Wish I would have gotten all of it back then when I could have.

Speaking of that, my coworker got into trouble this week at work.  He apparnetly has been telling contractors that he is quitting and going over to HD Supply. One of them came into the will calll the other day and asked if he was still working there or had he departed to HD Supply yet?  It's one thing to look for a new job in greener pastures, it's entirely another to be looking at your current company's direct competition. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but keep your mouth shut until you make up your mind and you are actually working over there.

But, a few of my applications have called over there and asked for references.  Funny, they haven't gotten back to me at all.  But, the new manager told my coworker the other day that there  is no guarantee that he is going to give either of us a good reference.  Hmmm, well, that's interesting, because I am not asking him for a reference, but companies normally call current or previous employers and ask.  The thing is, if he's giving false statements intentionally, there have been a large number of lawsuits that companies lose because of it.  I would love to find out he's saying something ill of me, for I have done nothing but give stelllar work performance to keep myself clear from any negatives against me.


So, with that revelation, I can give my old manager as a reference.  He won't give a load of bs.  Or nt a reference, just the person to call. Regardless, it's Sunday and upcoming Monday.  I don't really know what's going on at work tomorrow, but I do know I don't really want to be there.  So, I am going to look at more job listings today.

Meanwhile, the transition here is going better. Addller is getting used to have free house roam - with me of course.  We are now hanging out in the living room instead of the bedroom. Sundays I do like to watch a bit of TV, usually whatever movies might be on.  I am at the moment decided not to get a receiver in my room since I have full access to this one out here, and frankly, it's cooler out here than in the bedroom.  Much more space as well, though Addler doesn't have his bed to hang out on out here.  That's up to him, the bedroom door is open he can go in there and lay down if he wants.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...