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I would like to announce this work week is over.
I have, patting myself on the back since I know no-one else will lol, done a very nice job of ignoring the new manager's unbelievable lack of any kind of social graces and have made all kinds of genuine, amiable gesstures in terms of greetings to him all week long.  How about I just do whatever I can within reason to win him over and that will be that.  Well I'm trying.  Yesterday, my 8 hours was "here" and I told the guy filling in for the dinosaur-aged-minded warehouse dude who is on vacation that I have been here 8.  Well let me go find out what he - the manager from now on, I'll get rid of the new part - says.  Yup, better to cover your @$$. He comes back, the manager says what's an hour?

Well you hear him say that every day, never.  Today was perplexing to me with him, though. We were audited not long ago by corporate and we failed because of the drivers. And not me, thanks and patting myself on the back…