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Well, the termite guy came out to my house (in Phoenix), drilled a bunch of holes, filled them with poison, filled them again with poison and then sealed it up with mud.  I mean, every time I've ever seen termite exterminators going out to a house, that is exactly what they do.  The questionning is on my Facebook wall where several people said that if it doesn't cost $800 or thousands of dollars to deal with, it hasn't been dealt with.

Well, I'm not going to spend that kind of money on termites.  I have found Craigslist to be a viable alternative to many pricey services where people do side work from their regular jobs or they are advertising their services for cheaper.

My problem is, my house is surrounded by a sea of hoarders and slobs.  This is no exaggeration, not even slightly.  I have been informed that the Hispanic neighbors have so much junk piled up now (I am not living there and therefore my calls to the city to come out and force these neighbors to deal with…